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    Should I buy a 3.2 A3 QT - and why?

    In terms of trim levels, back then there were "standard", SE, Sport and then Sline appeared in early 2004. Sline did not replace Sport. Sport had sports seats and 17" wheels and lowered suspension. Sline brought the 18" 5 spoke wheels, part leather seats (called Speed), even slightly lower...
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    Should I buy a 3.2 A3 QT - and why?

    No. Manual transmission cars do not have any mode options. Only DSG cars have a sport mode on the gearbox. And all it does is keep you in lower gears for longer. Nothing to do with sharpening responses, suspension or anything else.
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    Should I buy a 3.2 A3 QT - and why?

    Sport mode is on the DSG. Move to lever to S. Downshifts early to keep the revs above 3k. I have no longer got my A3 but I had two manuals over 4 years - a 2004 Sline 3dr and a 2006 model Sportback sline. Traded in for a new 330d Touring to cope with family life. Pros - lovely engine...
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    Transporting bikes?

    Had Thule aero roof bars. no roof rails on mine so you need the fixing kit, but it all goes together really well and exceptionally secure. Been over Europe with them a few times with two bikes and no problems. Got from, which is much cheaper than Halfords, even when they have a...
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    Selling your A3/S3?? Sell me your Boot Net ;-)

    I have got one, which I no longer need. As new, in black. It is for a Sportback with Quattro, but I don't think this will make any difference to the fittings, having had a 3 door with one too. However, you might want to check as Audi have them as different part numbers and they do fit quite...
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    3.2 For Sale

    Hi all Unfortunately, the time has come for me to get a bigger car to cope with family life. Therefore my 3.2 Sportback is for sale. The ad link is below if anyone is interested. Cheers Rob
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    3.2 Service

    Check your service book. Max is 2 years or just under 19k miles. Suggests that the last service was done early July 2007. If the timing of this ties up to the book, then the service indicator was probably correctly reset. Therefore, as long as the 6k miles left doesn't take you over 19k on top...
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    Best prices for Audi 1st (variable) service in Kent?

    Got my 1st AVS (18k miles) on my 3.2 done at Maidstone Audi last September - £250 plus brake fluid at £100. The only place I found that was cheaper was further into Kent e.g. East Kent Audi in Canterbury as the labour rates were lower. All the parts were the same price. However, driving to...
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    anyone recommed a good WINDSCREEN REPLACEMENT company

    Had mine done last week by Autoglass. They asked me many times to confirm whether it had the shading but mine doesn't. For the insurance xs I got a Splintex branded one but except for the missing Audi rings on the glass you wouldn't know any difference. They came out to my house within 24 hours...
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    Creaky Steering Wheel

    Do try it with the dealer and Audi if necessary. The creaking is definitely a known problem - mine was replaced for this too. Audi have been very good with contributions / goodwill with me when my previous A3 was out of warranty (nearly a year).
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    Track Day Insurance

    I used Moris last year. £202 for £20k of own damage cover including tow home cover. This was for Brands Hatch. Of all the cars there (prob about 50 in total, including R8s, the Gumpert Apollo S, Ford GT, Renault Clio), I saw only two accidents - one a carbon fibre kit car's engine caught fire...
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    3.2 flat spot @ 2000rpm?

    Cheers for this. Can I just double check that this was for the same flat spot / hesitation / surge issue on the 3.2? It's in tomorrow for a couple of days so I hope they have the answer.
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    3.2 flat spot @ 2000rpm?

    Great - thanks for this. They are being quite helpful and pro-active so far, so I will see what happens next week.
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    3.2 flat spot @ 2000rpm?

    Edition - is your still ok after a few months now? Mine is booked in next week and I mentioned the revised map per your post. The dealer is waiting to hear back from Audi UK on a solution. Would be great if you could let me know the dealer that fixed yours or find out exactly what they did in...
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    Just seen my 1st A3 Cab

    Saw a red de-badged one about 3 weeks ago near Sidcup in Kent. Not a demo as had a private plate. Nice sunny day. Roof up of course. Looked ok and quite good in red (maybe I am a bit biased!) but those new front lights make it look a bit cross-eyed in my opinion. Whilst I know there is a safety...
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    Is the 5dr more spacious?

    I have had Sline both 3 and 5 door. Re Sline, my 3dr was a 2005 model year from mid 2004. The suspension was very very hard, which was fine when on my own but not so when I had the car loaded up with family which seemed to compound the problem. The move to the Sportback for 2006 model year in...
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    what speed to achieve best mpg?

    What Car this month have an article about different speeds vs mpg. Worth a quick read but essentially says that from around 40mph, your consumption will rise, and at a non linear rate up to the 100 mph as tested, across a few different types of car. The 56mph (90kph) is a myth. They also look...
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    Audi-Sport Road trip in August - Switzerland/Italy

    Credit cards are fine on the autoroutes as most stations are open all the time and during normal hours in the smaller A road and town based stations. The problem comes when it is out of hours and the smaller ones are unmanned, but they remain open 24 hours / day for pre-pay only. The pre-pay...
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    Audi-Sport Road trip in August - Switzerland/Italy

    I said I would add my notes from my own trip in September 2006 in case they help you at all with planning yours. Just writing it makes me want to go again! Better get yourselves a cup of tea as I seem to have written quite a lot. I hope it is helpful. Overall it was a fantastic drive. 5 days...
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    Audi-Sport Road trip in August - Switzerland/Italy

    I did a 5 day trip in Sept 2006 driving down through France, into Switzerland, then Italy over Stelvio (the best pass and by far the hardest work to go up - 49 hair pins on one side) into Bormio, then back through Austria, Germany and back to Calais. 2000 miles in total, starting just south of...