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    @ Welshwoody - don't get me wrong, I am glad to have all those options. It's just always puzzled me since getting the car why someone ordered all those things but didn't go for cruise? I guess they just weren't a fan of it? @ Warren - yes thanks, I was aware you can retrofit cruise, just...
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    I spotted on the Audi website tonight that you can download old brochures. I have a 2007 S3 which is quite well specced but has no cruise control. So I thought I'd look at the cost of all the options that the original owner specced: Imola yellow - £485 RNSE - £2,175 Phone prep in armrest - £385...
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    New S3

    Maybe it's 280bhp per tonne :)
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    Cherished numberplate

    The only problem is you would have to own an S3 for the rest of your life lol Slightly off topic, I saw an RS6 Avant advert the other day and its reg was YE51CAN spaced to say YE5 1 CAN !! How cool is that for a standard plate?!
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    2008 8P1 S3 diffuser removal

    I thought they were one piece, integrated with the rear bumper and just painted a different colour?
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    Clutch going perhaps?

    I was absolutely convinced my clutch was slipping last year for a couple of days but then it just stopped and has been fine since (touches wood!). It slipped when I accelerated hard in 4th or 5th gear when the revs got to about 3.5-4k. My S3 is still standard. Fingers crossed for you!
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    Paintless Dent removal - East of England - Write Up and Pics

    I used Dents Plus (the agent was based in Oxfordshire at the time) on my last car a few years ago to remove a crease on the rear quarter of my 3 door Golf GTI which some idiot did with their car door. The result was fantastic and cost £60 (think that was in 2005). They can only do it if the...
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    Think I've found what I'm looking for....

    Misano Red A4 Avants look good with the black optics.
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    Adaptive xenons on led drl unit

    My 07 S3 has adaptive bi-xenons and they definitely do a left/right and up/down dance when I start it with the lights in auto mode. Warren - you're not going mad (yet!)
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    Think I've found what I'm looking for....

    lol must just be me!! I wanted Solar or Imola when I was looking and couldn't find a Solar one so Imola won the day. No regrets, especially with the black optics on it. Who on earth specs Solar or Imola with a chrome grill from new??
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    Cambelt , your thoughts

    You're probably right but if that's the case, it's Audi manipulating the price (or TPS if that's where VW dealers get OEM parts from) as I know the VW garage well, have a mate who works there and have used them for years. They showed me the on screen price for the S3 kit and the normal kit. No...
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    Think I've found what I'm looking for....

    I think I poorly worded my post - I love the Solar colour but what I meant was I don't think it suits the Sportback (I've only seen it on 3 doors before) as well as the 3 door. In the same way, I think an Imola sportback would look slightly odd but on the 3 door it looks great.
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    Cambelt , your thoughts

    I use my local VW dealer as they are either cheaper than Audi or will at least price match. When I had my cambelt done last year on my 2007 S3 (I had a cambelt go on a Mk2 GTI 16V many years ago and am paranoid now and change them early!) they told me the cost of the OEM cambelt and tensioner...
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    Think I've found what I'm looking for....

    In my very humble opinion, I think there's something not quite right with the 5 door in Solar. I love the colour and have an Imola Yellow 3 door S3 myself, so not adverse to a bit of brightness, but think it's better suited to the 3 door. Odd really, because Imola RS4 Avants (the original shape)...
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    S3 specific paint colours: Touch up stick availability

    I had no problems getting an Imola Yellow touch up kit via my local VW dealer a while back. Think it was about a tenner?
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    Turbo + cold starts

    Scroll through the menu pages until you see the one that says "check" on it, select this and then you get 3 options - oil temp, VIN and service.
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    Mk5 GTI to S3 ... and other questions

    I have a 55 mile commute each day in my S3 and it's rural A roads for the first 20 miles and then 7 miles of stop start. I average 30mpg on my commute taking it steady at 60mph. At the weekends, however .........
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    Is this the best specced 2007 S3? PS It's a lovely car if anyone's looking!

    Audi S3  T quattro Recaros, DVD Nav, TV, Sunroof for Sale - Fontain Motors » Iver » Buckinghamshire Surely there can't have been much left on the options list in 2007 that wasn't on this car??
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    Run / Cool Down on a Turbo

    Does a 2007 S3 have a water cooled turbo?