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  1. Arjuanamo

    RS3 rear diffuser

    You could always just buy the rs3 lower section instead of removing the S3 diffuser from the lower bumper . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Arjuanamo

    S3 dipped

    Reminds me of my favourite BMW colour ..... Atlantis Blue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Arjuanamo

    Got money to spend. Need a new look

    You need to look at 8P3 S3 parts what are from 2008-2012's To get that exact look you would need A3/S3 bonnet A3/S3 front arches S3 front bumper RS3 front grill A3/S3 Bi - Xenon headlights S3 Side skirts 2011 A3/S3 rear LED lights S3 rear diffuser S3 2011 LED Wing mirrors . Any...
  4. Arjuanamo

    Discs and Pads

    EBC drilled and grooves discs with red stuff discs are a massive upgrade over OEM pads Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Arjuanamo

    Bye bye Audi hello Mercedes

    Congratulations have sold your soul [emoji83] Enjoy the new car mate ,lovely spec on it . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Arjuanamo

    DPF delete and map - south London?

    How much do you charge ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Arjuanamo

    Rear Bumper Diuffuser

    The top section of the bumper is exactly the same on an A3 (pre 8P3) , S3 ,RS3 . The only difference is the lower diffuser section what actually makes a huge difference to the rear . I just realised that the original RS3 won't fit as you have a three door . You could look for an aftermarket...
  8. Arjuanamo

    What grills do you have?

    I literally just drove past this exact car . It turns out he only lives a few streets away from me . I wasn't a fan of the Quattro badge but the car has a nice set of BBS alloys and suspension set up on it . I fitted the RS3 grill to mine 2 years ago and have only seen one other car with it...
  9. Arjuanamo

    Rear Bumper Diuffuser

    Hi, That is a RS3 bumper I got off eBay Germany for £400 . I originally wanted an S3 one but the seller offered me an RS3 one painted in Ibis White for £20 more .The gloss black diffuser suits a white car far better than the dark grey S3 one in my opinion . If you want to fit this on a 3...
  10. Arjuanamo

    2.0 TDI Fan issues after AMD remap 193 BHP

    Thanks for the replies . What would cause this issue and does it have a Simple solution or any serious consequences ?
  11. Arjuanamo

    2.0 TDI Fan issues after AMD remap 193 BHP

    Hi, i got my car remapped last year by AMD in essex from 140 to 193 Bhp . It was probably the best upgrade i have made on my car and noticed the difference when i drove a 140 yesterday . The issue i am having is that i noticed on a number of occasions after a drive my fan is running really...
  12. Arjuanamo

    do audi no longer supply hire cars when in for a service?

    I dropped my car off last week for a gearbox oil change and they decided to give me a Black Edition A6 3.0TDI . It used to be a free service for hire cars but they changed their insurance broker so now they charge £12 a day .I thought it was well worth it as I got to experience a quality...
  13. Arjuanamo

    Rs3 8p wings on s3

    Surely someone has widened the wings on their A3/S3 on the forum . I want to sell my car within the next 18 months so am debating if it will be worth it . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Arjuanamo

    Rs3 8p wings on s3

    So I've really wanted to widen my wings on my car and was considering getting the RS3 wings at one point . The problem is that the RS3 is wider so the the wings meet the front bumper further out than the S3/A3 . So if we tried using an S3 bumper with the RS3 wings then it would look a bit...
  15. Arjuanamo

    Hand Brake Cover Removal

    I recently bought an handbrake cover with white stitching and was wondering if anyone knows the best way to replace the current leather with the one i bought . The pdf file isnt loading up for some reason :(
  16. Arjuanamo

    Wind noise from Wind Deflectors :(

    Yeah the front bows in before you install them so it will be pretty hard to come off once installed . However the back literally just slots in so I can see it falling out and pretty high speeds . I might try just the fronts on and see if the window noise decreases . Another issue i have...
  17. Arjuanamo

    Wind noise from Wind Deflectors :(

    Hi, So I bought a pair of team heko wind deflectors a few months ago and really like the look of them . When installing them I never used the metal clips as a few people told me they do more damage than benefit to the Windows . My only issue is whenever I drive above 40 I can hear a bit of...
  18. Arjuanamo

    New A3 Sportback owner 2 weeks in lots of changes **PIC HEAVY**

    That's some pretty impressive upgrades to do in the first two weeks . What else do you have planned for the future ? I have 18" speedlines and have always wanted to upgrade to 19's . Did you have any rubbing issues ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Arjuanamo

    RS3 rear bumper

    The only difference is the lower part of the bumper which clips on the S3 bumper . Some people even modify the S3 lower section and install the RS3 Diffuser onto it
  20. Arjuanamo

    User Review: EBC Brakes - Ultimax Discs and Yellowstuff Pads

    I had EBC green stuff / slotted discs originally what were a massive improvement on the A3 brakes. Once they were down to 7mm i decided to ger the same disc again but upgraded to Red stuff . Can definitely feel an improvement over green stuff and once they bedded in the brake dust is pretty...