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    O2 Sensor Error Reading - S3 8V 2019

    Evening all, Complete novice here. My wife’s S3 seems to be hesitating a tad bit recently. From the initial ‘google’ search, we thought it might be spark plugs. My brother in law had one of these diagnostic kits and when he ran this yesterday evening, it came up with the following error/code...

    Haldex + Brake Pads

    Yes! Just spoken to my audi service advisor and he said the same, that they don’t clean the gauge/pump/filter whatever it’s called. But my local VAG specialist confirmed all parts used is original parts, logged on audi database (so no chance of audi lashing back if something goes wrong) + they...

    Haldex + Brake Pads

    Yeah I’ve heard about the filter/gauge that Audis don’t clean?! And yes the car has a years warranty left on it. having compared a few of the local places, it seems the audi price is reasonable and waiting for a call back from the service advisor to ask if the gauge/filter will/can be cleaned…...

    Haldex + Brake Pads

    I wish I could do the work myself and be comfortable with what I’ve done, unfortunately im not that hands on plus the car has a years warranty left so incase anything went wrong, I wouldn’t want to give audi a chance to blame it on me

    Haldex + Brake Pads

    Tried my locals, two quoting £440 another quoting £460.

    Haldex + Brake Pads

    Hey all, My 2019 Audi S3 8V SportBack is due for a - Haldex Service - Front Brake Pad Change - Brake Fluid Change Audi have quoted £424 for all three including parts and labour. Does that sound right? Having spoken to a few mechanics, it seems third party mechanics can do the job at a lower...

    Aftermarket exhaust recommendations?

    Might have to go down this route, will be in touch nige! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Aftermarket exhaust recommendations?

    Hey peeps, I’ve just recently purchased a an Audi S3 2019 sport back. My knowledge on cars isn’t that great. I’m looking to do my first mod on the car and wanted to start by upgrading/changing the exhaust so it sounds much deeper along with some pops and crackles. From watching a fair few...

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Changed from the 8Y to the 8V due to the 8Y having technical issues.. and boy do I love this pocket rocket!
  10. NIKLDN

    Ambient lighting Install

    Hey peeps, Was wondering if anyone has installed ambient lighting to the door panels? Would be interested to know where to source the parts from, installation process and end result. Thanks
  11. NIKLDN

    Mmi issue

    I’ve recently handed the car back to Audi after having the multiple issues including the one your facing. Having had it for 2 months, I noticed these issues mainly happened in central london where I’m from, but when I visit my in laws in the West Midlands, the issues would disappear. I have...
  12. NIKLDN

    New Review A3 1.5 Edition 1

    It saddens me to have given back the edition 1 saloon I had. With the tech issues and no SLA of when the fix will be out for the MMI issues.. Audi were very co operative in taking the car back and returning me into the financial position I was in before the purchase. Since then I’ve now moved...
  13. NIKLDN

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    They hate us cuz they ain’t us [emoji23]
  14. NIKLDN

    First time back at dealers

    I echo Adam here, the A3 is an amazing car. Besides the software issues we are having, the size of the A3 saloon, the drive/comfort and fuel consumption is perfect. Coming from a 16 plate corsa, it’s a major upgrade for me and my wife. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. NIKLDN

    First time back at dealers

    I was told pretty much the same by the selling dealership that the local Audi garage I took it to had identified the fault, documented the fault, but didn’t raise the case with Audi UK and/or whoever it is across the pond :chargrined: Fingers crossed. Love everything else about the car, drives...
  16. NIKLDN

    First time back at dealers

    Initiated procedures to return our car back to the dealer, dealer says it’s abit of a long process so will be a while yet till it’s out of our hands. They will first work on finding a replacement without the issues and with the missing functions.. fingers crossed something comes up, otherwise...
  17. NIKLDN

    First time back at dealers

    It’s just seems everyone from Audi Dealserships, Audi UK and Audi Digital are all on a different page. I could understand if ALL Audi A3/S3 8Ys had the same issue, but there seems to be some out there (ie @Sparks43) who have full functional versions.. so surely some genius at Audi must be able...
  18. NIKLDN

    First time back at dealers

    It saddens me that the resolution to this car is starting the exchange/rejection process. Waiting to hear from the dealer if they have any newer models in stock/alternatives otherwise it’ll have to be a rejection. I did mention to the manager/rep that the newer models with the 2 x USB C port...
  19. NIKLDN

    Virtual Dashboard

    I have three options. Mines an A3 Edition 1 so I don’t know if that gives a reason for ours to be different? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk