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  1. combatrover

    photoshop request, please, thank you.

    hi all my partner has sanded his car down and put his kit on, ready to respray, its a rover 620 turbo, but is now wondering what it will look like, so can some one please photoshop it for me. he is thinking, all kawasaki ninja green, or bottom half silver, top kawasaki green, or black/ green...
  2. combatrover

    vitimin ideas

    hi all, may sound strange, but i do not, and will not eat fruit or vegetables, never have done since i was ickle, wel i have been taking vit tablets, etc, but i have been told i should stop taking them after about 6 years now, because "my body will get too use to them, and not be able to cope if...
  3. combatrover

    a3 parts for sale

    hi dont suppose the gear box is for sale?
  4. combatrover

    aftermarket hu problems.

    have re wired all the speakers iam using , iam only using fli in the bottom of the door card . 6x9 in a stealth shelf i built because i hate seening 6x9 in shelfs . which i rewired again with the amp and sup which i rewired , i havent touched any of the boss loom , its all disconnected . left it...
  5. combatrover

    aftermarket hu problems.

    The only standard audi speakers we are running are the 2 lower door speakers , which i have wired straight into the aftermarket head unit . The amp/sub and 6x9's are after market gear that i have wired in from scratch , havent used any of the boss setup or wireing , so when we come to sell the...
  6. combatrover

    aftermarket hu problems.

    we have an aftermarket hu, sub and amp, there is nothing of the audi bose bits being used. we have run are own wires through the car. any ideas?
  7. combatrover

    aftermarket hu problems.

    searched what you said to and cant find anything .
  8. combatrover

    aftermarket hu problems.

    hi all we have a 97 a3 sport with the boss set up, and i have wired in a after market hu,the problem we have now is when the hu switches on, there is a "pulse" "pop" which ever you like to say from the rear speakers, does anyone know why this is? or how i can stop this? as am woried it will blow...
  9. combatrover

    wiring problems

    ok, new problem now, when the hu switches on, there is a "pulse" "pop" which ever you like to say from the rear speakers, does anyone know why this is? or how i can stop this? as am woried it will blow the speakers as it is very loud. thanks.
  10. combatrover

    wiring problems

    thanks again, wired stereo in today, sounds great, thanks.:beerchug:
  11. combatrover


    hi all just thought id post pics of are cars in the snow, is mostly my ti, but you can just about see the misses audi in the background.
  12. combatrover

    hi all

    hi, posting pics now. .thanks. jadeda3 only got 1 pic on comp at mo, will post more when get chance. oh an its a 1.6 sport. the misses car.
  13. combatrover

    d.i.y service

    thanks, couldnt find a search button, thats why there was alot of posts, have found it now. thank you for your help.
  14. combatrover

    removal of rear inside panels,

    hi all, can any one tell me how to remove the rear panels, in a a3 1.6 sport, so that i can change the speakers, and also how to remove the side panel in the boot that covers the audi disk changer and sub, thanks.
  15. combatrover

    cam belt

    is there a linky anywhere for hints/ tips on doing this? thanks.
  16. combatrover

    d.i.y service

    hi all, i have done my own servicing on many cars, so am going to attempt the service on our a3 1.6 sport, can someone tell me where the fuel filter is located please, and any tips and hints rhat can help me out, and do i have to take the car to a garage to get rid of the service icon on the...
  17. combatrover

    cam belt

    hi all, what is the recommended millage for a cambelt change on a 1.6 sport? and is this an easy enough job to do? thanks.
  18. combatrover

    rear wiper not working

    hi all, the rear wiper on are a3 1998 1.6 sport has stopped working, if you switch it on, you can hear a clicking but it does not move at all. any help appreciated. thanks.
  19. combatrover

    s3 kit

    hi all, does anyone know roughly how much i should be looking to pay for s3 front, rear bumper and sideskirts? and is it a bolt on bolt off job? or will i need to change anythink for them to fit a 1998 a3? thanks.
  20. combatrover

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    hi all, my misses a3 1.6 sport, still standard at mo, until are weddings out of the way.