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  1. Bittern

    My Bird Photography - Slideshow

    Thank You :icon thumright:
  2. Bittern

    My Bird Photography - Slideshow

    A slideshow i made of a selection of my bird photos from the past years, to date Equipment used.............. Camera: Canon 1D MKIII + 1D MKIV Lens: Canon 500mm f4 IS L, with or without a 1.4TC or 2.0TC
  3. Bittern

    Help of Fault Codes (carista)

    Rear O2 sensor ? Link:
  4. Bittern

    Worst Audi Dealer Experience? Warranty repair 1/2 day job is now 10 days and counting..

    And there it is!. I bet, because they thought you didn't have the extended warranty they added the extra work, or damaged something on a test drive ?.(cant believe they had the cheek to do that without consulting you ?). That's why, they were saying you didn't have it!. Then after they found out...
  5. Bittern

    Amalfi White vs Scuba Blue

    Does it ?
  6. Bittern

    Mysterious boot plug socket

    here is another!(for a S-Line if thats what you have ?) 3rd pic also shows the part number!
  7. Bittern

    Mysterious boot plug socket

    As you can see by this pic(that i just got off of Ebay). It is a spring action hook for when using the Cargo Net(or what ever!)
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    Just a picture

    Looks awesome :nogarors4::sign yum:
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    Anyone running Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5's?

    Forgot i posted in this thread.......................... I had eTyres come to me house to fit both the rears with the 5's. BUT! When he turned up 1 hour 30 mins late he said he didn't have the 5's(even though it was in stock on the web site!) so used his initiative and brought 2 new 3's...
  10. Bittern

    Odd engine noise from 2.0 tdi 184ps

    I can hear 2 sounds IMO. One is the constant tone of the diesel engine and the other is like a pulsing rattling/dry sound that doesn't sound right to me ?
  11. Bittern

    A3 8V electronic parking brake issue

    Oh right, sorry i cant help with your problem then regards the auto release.
  12. Bittern

    Anyone running Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5's?

    Just ordered 2 of these for the rears(the ASY 3's on fronts are not that old) Love the rim protection and the grip of the Asy 3's, so i thought i might as well try the newer modal of them Being fitted by Etyres on Thursday
  13. Bittern

    A3 8V electronic parking brake issue

    Why use it anyway ? Before you set off(start moving) just press the accelerator pedal a bit and press down on the button(the PB will release!), then engage the clutch(biting point) and away you go, easy! I do it that way ALL the time and it's become a natural part of my driving now
  14. Bittern

    Advice needed – Retrofitting Aluminium Pedal Covers (A3 Sportback)

    What i did was smear a small bit of washing up liquid down the outer edge of one of the sides of the rubber(on the cover not the pedal). Then place the non liquid edge on first then with your fingers and the palm of your hand squeeze as hard as you can, it will just slide over the edge and pop...
  15. Bittern

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Ha I knew that was coming. Here you go............................
  16. Bittern

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    A complete detail of my car this morning(well the outside!)................................. Started at 8 -Iron out on wheels/body work -Pressure washer rinse -Snow foam -Pressure washer rinse -2 buckets wash -Pressure washer rinse -Dry -Wheel/Tyre stuff -Clay bar the whole car -Polish the...
  17. Bittern

    Facelift Flashing plug and limp mode

    With the age/mileage of the car(without a scan for the codes!) i'm guessing clocked up turbo vanes and sticking turbo actuator ? "if" it is, get a bottle of Wynns diesel turbo cleaner and pop that in before a full fill up...
  18. Bittern

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    It was £725
  19. Bittern

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    New cam belt and water pump fitted today and because of that, ALL the MOT's today(passed by the way) and in the future are free at any Audi garage!
  20. Bittern

    2.0tdi remap 150bhp

    I use a TDI tuning box and a Pedal box, the car is totally different without it(less power, less torque, less response, etc etc) Depending on your location i have heard Avon Tuning do good remaps if that is your rout ? Clicky here for yours and also see the expected gains -...