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    Caliper colour change - ideas needed

    My S3 8v (daytona Grey) has red callipers and i'm bored with them after a few years. I reckon the Porsche viper green is too much for a man of my mature years. Is yellow just as bad ? I reckon it would show up well against the paintwork. The turquoise-ey blues and the like don't do it for...
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    NHN Retrofitting Service - truly awesome..

    Looks absolutely fantastic ! What year is your car ? I have a 2015 S3 with front sensors. Could the RS grill be fitted to that do you know ?
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    Jassy's Blue Audi TTS Adventure

    Enjoy it Jassy mate. Look forward to the pics once you've detailed it :)
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    Decent garden hose for use with PW ?

    Hi folks. My garden hose has sprung a major leak so looking for a replacement for use with Karcher K5 compact PW. Standard Hozelock hose has served me well but age has caught up with it. Ideally looking for replacement that won't kink so easily but some I've seen online aren't recommended for...
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Jassy mate - make sure you get gloss black bits done in XPEL too. Door pillars ? Not sure what else but mine still perfect after 5 years :)
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    Car blowers

    Who's doing your Xpel PPF Jassy ? Hope it's AR detailing at Hillington - best in the business.
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    Kayobong’s Detailing Log

    All good Jassy thanks. Staying sane is as good as it gets for now LOL ! S3 is good - no issues and PPF still doing it's job keeping the paint chip free ! TTS looks top notch matey. Twin turbo hairdryer :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: My detailing query for you today relates to the wife's Discovery -...
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    Kayobong’s Detailing Log

    So Jassy - what's your new chariot then ? Not been on the forum for a while so missed that chat....
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    Pad wash recommendations

    I was looking for ideas for polishing pad cleaners. Chemical Guys and others do bespoke products with matching brushes which look good but then I saw Jon (?) on Forensic Detailing demonstrating cleaning pads with APC and a toothbrush. Seemed pretty effective. Anyone else use that method and...
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    Power Washer Recommendations

    My Karcher K5 compact was just over 3 years old when it gave up the ghost. Turned out to be the fuse. I guess it'll be on it's last legs now so interested to see recommendations and what you end up going for BH.
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    DA Newbie, need opinions and advice......

    Hi Craig I'm relatively new to the machine polishing lark too and got the Das 6 pro plus from a recommendation on here. Site sponsor in2detailing was recommended and i got the machine and pads and polishes (Scholl) in a bundle. Pretty sure it was Jassy my fellow Glaswegian on here who...
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    IPA Rubdown Question

    Would UPOL slow acting degreaser (panel wipe) do the same job ? Should that be diluted or applied neat after polishing ?
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    Clearmount Questions

    Thanks guys - all advice much appreciated. I won't get a chance to try this for a few days but will report back on success or otherwise !
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    Clearmount Questions

    I have recently bought a Clearmount to hold my iPhone 8 plus. It comes with both magnet and cradle. Do the air vent covers pull off easily to allow you to fit the cradle and also does anyone have a recommendation for a phone cover that is sturdy enough but will still work with the magnet ...
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    First wash for a while - been WFH for 5 weeks so car has hardly moved. Neighbour over the back had been using some kind of concrete cutting saw or something and the dust is hellish. First step was to head to local Morrison’s to use hot pre wash and cold rinse (no brushes to be clear !) to...
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    The question no one is asking about Ceramic coating

    Danny RS3 - you say " proper maintenance and the occasional decontamination at least once a year with tar and iron remover is necessary to keep it performing, and using a “top” up coating of an SIO2 based spray sealant will extend the life and performance quite a lot". I had always thought that...
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    Gyeon Wet Coat Question

    thanks to all for replies. jassy - thanks for hitting the nail on the head with the solution. i have MF and quick detailer galore LOL ! In future panel by panel is the answer. Cheers guys.
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    Gyeon Wet Coat Question

    Thanks V6. Doesn't having to apply with MF kinda defeat the point of Wet Coat ie it's a spray on and so much quicker than hand application ? I'd also hesitate to apply it other than as per the maker's instructions. Any ideas for a fix ?
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    Gyeon Wet Coat Question

    Finished my car with GWC after a wash on Monday. The car is ceramic coated so it was really just done to produce some beading. I rinsed off immediately as per the instructions. Got in the car this morning (not driven it since Monday) and noticed what look like white spots on the windscreen...
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    Alloy Refurb in Glasgow Area

    Wife chose a collision with the kerb rather than a combine harvester on road back from Fife last night so I am looking for recommendations for refurb. preferably in or near Glasgow. Wheel Specialist in Cumbernauld did them last time and were fine but wonder if there are any other contenders...