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    Audi A6 C7 CNHA - Smoke Issue

    So I gave up trying to get to the LP EGR, I’m hoping that the EGR cooler is sufficiently blocked that it won’t block the charge cooler back up so quickly. Following cleaning the charge cooler it was still belching black smoke in boost but the power was restored. The following day it was like a...
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    Audi A6 C7 CNHA - Smoke Issue

    So I’ve finally taken the plunge and ripped into this. My charge cooler matrix is completely blocked with soot about 5mm thick along with the rest of the air path from the low pressure EGR. The EGRs are meant to be mapped closed, it looks like the high pressure hasn’t opened for sometime. Aiming...
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    Audi A6 C7 CNHA - Smoke Issue

    I have the same problem. I hear the turbo slightly providing I don’t press the accelerator more than halfwayish, anymore and the power drops off and it belches black smoke. No codes. As the boost sensor is before the charge cooler/inlet manifold assembly I wondered if that being blocked causes a...
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    1.8t breather hoses

    Hi, I have an ARY 1.8t in my 02 A3 quattro, but think this will apply to most other 1.8t's. The breather hose junction recently split at the camcase output on the LHS of the engine. I've changed this out for a silicone part off ebay, which is much better than the OE. The hose that runs...
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    Transfer box oil leak

    Despite the noise 'obviously' coming from the offside it turned out to be the nearside. Got the NSF whee bearing cx. It was like a getting a new car, didn't realise how bad it was as the failure was so gradual!!
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    Transfer box oil leak

    This is called the bevel box as far as audi is concerned. Its fed oil from the gearbox but has it's own drain plug. I have a leak there too and also a rumble which sounds like my front RH wheel bearing, which I cant fault. Going to check g box level tomorrow as I have a feeling the oil feed to...
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    Where've I gone wrong?

    Thanks guys. Not had the alginment checked yet. The 1.8t sport suspension is a little different to the S3, not able to adjust (mess up) the camber as only one position available as far as I could tell. But like you say could be the toe... although it doesn;t pull to one side hands off. I...
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    Where've I gone wrong?

    Hey, Just finished lowering my quattro sport 1.8T last week with the eibach prokit. Went in for an MOT yesterday, which ended up having the offside front CV boot being changed. It now drives with a 20 degree offset in the steering wheel, but tracks perfectly straight if hands off. I'm sure it...
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    ICE help...Which wire?

    How do guys? I'm in the process of fitting an in dash eq. I've spliced into the 'remote on' for the OE sub to remote on the EQ, but it turns on as soon as the ignition is turned on regardless of whether the Concert HU is on or not. Is this normal or is there a wire I can use from the HU that...
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    Suspension question!

    22mm or 21mm but you'll need to use a deep offset spanner to allow you to insert a 7mm hex key into the centre to stop the whole lot spinning winth the nut. Hope this helps
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    Suspension Removal/refit??

    Hi, I've looked all over for a 'how to' guide to remove and refit the suspension struts / shocks / springs on the A3 quattro and A3 in general with no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I understand there may be some special tooling required, can anybody advise? Thanks
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    A3 8L Remote On??

    Hi, After finally getting round to putting my old audio bahn eq and rockford amp/sub in my motor I'm a bit puzzled. I've spliced into the remote on wire used for the OE sub in the boot, but it seems to turn everthing on with just the ignition even when the concert HU is off. Is there a true...
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    CD Changer... Will it work?

    looking at this I don't think it would be suitable as it is for adding the blue cd changer plug, not the yellow pre out plug.
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    CD Changer... Will it work?

    Bought a RCA harness, but sods law prevailed and I've found I have a one piece plug instead of the multicoloured pre-out/DIS/cd plug. So I either need to buy the second adapter andymac mentioned or does anybody know where i can get hold of a pin extraction tool for the mini ISO connector so I...
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    10k boost 1.8T Where to Spray?

    Hi, The can of 10k boost instructs you to spray as close to the turbo as possible whilst running the engine. Can anybody suggest a good place to gain access? Thanks
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    Kick Pods Wanted

    Hi, Can anybody help me find kick pods to suit my 2002 A3. I've got some 6.5" components I'd like to house from my old install in my old car. Thanks
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    CD Changer... Will it work?

    Sorry andy, I do not have the BOSE system. I think i'll run the standard Hu and get a RCA adapter for the HU and run an amp for the rears and sub. Can you recommend the best place to source an RCA adapter online?
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    CD Changer... Will it work?

    I wanted the extra controlability of the amps I'd get with my PS Kenwood HU. (EQ, Low Pass, High Pass etc) Would I get problems even with the NON Bose system? Besides, I wanted a good pre out source. Would it be easy enough to take a preout from the concert HU upfront? Are there any...
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    CD Changer... Will it work?

    Hi I have a A3 Quattro, 2002 with non BOSE concert HU and 6disc stock CD changer. I'm considering fitting my old faithful Kenwood PS971MD HU but would like to retain the audi OE CD changer. The plugs look the same... but will it work? I've got the matching kenwood changer, but its bigger...
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    A few A3 audio questions

    Thanks for all the info andymac. How do I remove the glovebox? I'm considering just wiring my amp and sub up for the moment. Can I put my amps RCA in parallel with the stock amps rca feed thus allowing me to still have amped rears? Thanks again