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  1. cadguy77

    Goosey built S4

    Not sure I'm free that weeknd, but will look into it. My main focus this year is to get over to the 'Ring at some point. I miss that green hell
  2. cadguy77

    Goosey built S4

    Where are you tracking the car mate?
  3. cadguy77

    Help IDing a B8 feature

    Adaptive cruise control radar is my 1st guess
  4. cadguy77

    Fan type washer jet upgrade.

    I've had these on for a couple of years now. So much better then the originals and no signs of clogging so far
  5. cadguy77

    Goosey built S4

    Hi When are you planning on hitting the ring? Cos I would love to join the party [emoji322] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  6. cadguy77

    Part ID

    Airbox or maybe coolant expansion tank mounting grommet
  7. cadguy77

    Part ID No.9 according to this diagram
  8. cadguy77

    Goosey built S4

    Nice milestone ticked off. Any power/torque figures and/or graphs?
  9. cadguy77

    Goosey built S4

    I'm going with EBC slotted and dimpled brake discs and yellow stuff pads all round. I plan to paint black also to match rears.
  10. cadguy77

    Goosey built S4

    I've been waiting for a very long time for a used set of Brembo calipers to come up on eBay with no luck, so I've bitten the bullet and brought a set from Unit 82. Great price with lines included. Thanks for posting
  11. cadguy77

    Goosey built S4

    Thanks. Reasonable price on brand spankers calipers.
  12. cadguy77

    Goosey built S4

    Where did you source your 4 pots from?
  13. cadguy77

    Grill badge mount Possibly No5 on this page
  14. cadguy77

    Wanted Wheel Mounting Spigot

    Also known as a fitting pin
  15. cadguy77

    Wanted Wheel Mounting Spigot Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  16. cadguy77

    For Sale Audi A7 bitdi 2014

    Wow, I have a daytona grey B8.5 S5 (love the colour). But you have brought it out to another level. What's your secret? Fantastic looking example
  17. cadguy77

    For Sale Audi A7 bitdi 2014

    Any external pics? GLWS
  18. cadguy77

    RSnav developing virtual dash for B8 platform

    Surely a speed dial would be an optional display