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  1. S3_MCD

    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    As I said in earlier post, paint = less cover that bodywork. Its new AUDI policy, will be (or soon) the same at every dealer
  2. S3_MCD

    Towbars S3

    "non towing vehicle", now that'll be a concern esp when pulling a 1200kg 6 berth caravan!, nobody has told me that before, also thought that the tow bar was a factory fit option. Anybody?
  3. S3_MCD

    Aux in for Ipod

    go for a denison ice link, it can be set for ipod control - so full fuctionality available. Connects straight into the back of the HU using the autochanger input, charges aswell
  4. S3_MCD

    Towbars S3

    Thanks guys! not really the pics I was looking for... anybody?!?! Was planning to tow with the family car, but shock horror it wont, the S3 however will... 1600kg to be precise, infact that 85% tow wieght of a 6 berth caravan - yup no more holidays in Mauritus kids and school holidays...
  5. S3_MCD

    Towbars S3

    looks like im going to fit a tow bar to my S3... dont worry a detachable one, so nobody will know!! dont know how high the ball is going to sit and cant seem to find any quoted stats. Anybody got any pics
  6. S3_MCD

    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    All - worth noting that Audi have re-classified the zinc oxidisation, no longer do they consider it a body work issue, but a paint issue. Result less coverage for us customers!!
  7. S3_MCD

    New specs on M4 east bound?

    Anybody else spotted these today, sure they werent there this morning, J17-18
  8. S3_MCD

    Not your usual DV question

    Could be a Viper AmD DV... made by turbo technics if I remember correctly?!
  9. S3_MCD

    Really happy with my new purchase

    Chris, sounds like you drive like me... that being the case you'll want a brembo upgrade for the front. Even uprating the pads and discs you can still get them to fade. Speak to Bill at Badger5 - he will sort a kit, easy DIY job. Glad you like the car, enjoy.
  10. S3_MCD

    Few Bits And Bob's

    Here are the pics of my screws, stainless M6 with stainless washers.
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    Has anyone brought this before...?

    ... or maybe matt them all down. Seen it on a S3 in Germany a few years back, and it actually looked quite good
  12. S3_MCD

    Few Bits And Bob's

    Will get some up for you... M6 from memeory
  13. S3_MCD

    Engine rattling

    Warranty - hoping so, although it was best part of 2 yrs ago. Engine was replaced under warranty when cam belt went, Dealer was very good and promoted w'tee claim through AUK even though it was 1yr and 20k out of cover. Yes the whole lot was replaced, inc turbo and all ancillaries. I paid...
  14. S3_MCD

    Engine rattling

    Cheers G That could be the sound, but your right "sound" is very subjective! As for timing chains hadnt considered this.... When I had my engine replaced, they did the lot - top, bottom, pump, belt, clutch etc... so have to assume chains aswell?!? Its definately not dropping oil...
  15. S3_MCD

    Few Bits And Bob's

    I replaced all of mine with stainless hex head bolts and washers.... looks much better :)
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    My thoughts exactly!
  17. S3_MCD

    Engine rattling

    Hi all... Has anybody got any thoughts on what could be wrong with my engine? Brand new engine, built and put in by Audi 2yrs ago (20K miles). Has been fine for 1.5yrs, and if anything better and more responsive than the original one. However over the last 6 months its started to...
  18. S3_MCD

    EKTA - can anybody tell me the size of the missing bolt please

    OK in narrowing down my rattles I've discovered that I'm missing a bolt (see below picture, taken from drivers side wheel arch looking up and forward.... its meant to be holding the bracket back onto the engine. Anybody got access to EKTA that can let me know the size, length etc...