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    B9 S4 (Petrol) to ‘similar’ spec B9 RS4....worth the spend ?

    The simple answer is no, the RS4 isn't worth double an S4. But that's not the whole story. If you are looking for value for money then keep the S4 but if you really want an RS4 then pay the going rate, its just down to that.
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    Brake Wear Indicator

    Do the rears have wear indicators? They don't on the B8.5.
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    end of pcp...

    Do you think the finance company are subsidesing you out of kindness? Or maybe they have already taken these expenses into account in the payment amounts.
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    Tyre advice

    In UK every manufacturer fits summer tyres to their cars from new. A summer tyre is the best tyre to use providing air temp is over 7c which in the UK is most of the year. Winter tyres are better for the few weeks when temps drop below 7c. All season tyres are a compromise, not as good as a...
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    Low Tyre Pressue

    I think the alert comes up for 4 0r 5 psi so there's your answer. :grinning:
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    Low Tyre Pressue

    That's the brake fluid pipe and bleed nipple for the brakes.
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    Road noise is largely dependant on wheel size and tyre manufacturer/model. In general the smaller the wheel diameter the greater the tyre wall height and hence the quieter the tyre. What tyres do you have on the A4?
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    Driving in S mode & Dynamic

    No, I normally drive in auto and change to dynamic when I want to make more rapid progress. I manually switch off the auto stop/start, in fact it's never turned on as I have it setup to remember the last setting it was in.
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    Driving in S mode & Dynamic

    I would think the Auto stop/start is likely to do more long term damage.
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    Would you still buy an Audi if prices were hiked by 10%

    The clause was void anyway as we didn't leave on 31st October 2019.
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    Bye for now!

    Audi to a SEAT :astonished:, never mind its only for 2 years and you can always use the A3 :grinning:
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    When will I be offered a new car on PCP?

    It is but bear in mind if you VT you could find it hard to get another finance package as you will have a history of cancelling contracts before their normal end date.
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    When will I be offered a new car on PCP?

    It depends on the terms of your PCP i.e. how much deposit, GFV and monthly payments.
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    19'' audi sport alloys kerbed...suggestions?

    WSP Italy wheels are excellent quality, as good a OEM. They also have TUV approval.
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    Boot wide open after rain the night before. Soaking boot.

    May not be caused by accidental pressing of the key, i had a Mercedes ML where the tailgate occasionally would be open in the morning despite being closed when i retired for the night, i would check. Ended up being an issue will the car electronics but i can't remember what it was exactly.
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    S4 Competitors

    The front of that 3 series looks horrendous, have Honda designers been involved in the design?
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    Anyone quite quickly regretted buying?

    To be honest i only have 2 garages so i will have to move house. I am looking though.
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    Anyone quite quickly regretted buying?

    I often find myself looking at the Mercedes AMG cars to replace my S5 but I do still love the shape of the sportback. Maybe a 3rd car will be in my garage before too long, I own a Mercedes SL500 as well.
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    Anyone quite quickly regretted buying?

    The interior of your car makes you smile? For me its the engine, a 5.5litre supercharged V8 or a 4.7litre twin turbo V8 make me smile. :superman:
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    Sticky Buttons (MMI)

    You could try switch cleaner.