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    Sold 2015 Audi A3 Cabriolet 1.6 Tdi Sport

    Is this still available? If so please pm me so I can arrange a viewing?
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    Where to buy g60 and vr6 clutch kit

    Hi has anyone able to get and sell on or send a link for a vr6 clutch and g60 flywheel kit, complete with bolts etc for a 2003 audi a3 1.8t aum engine. Found a few on ebay but doubt they are any good even though they are luks and sachs. Any help much appreciated. Thanks tom...
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    possible alternator?? please read...

    Ok, battery light just came on, I went home and on idle it would dip up and Down, when it dipped down the dash lights would flicker soobviously loosing electrical power. I unplugged the alternator expecting the engine to die but when I unplugged engine ran perfectly and battery light went off so...
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    How to tell between 8l and 8p coilovers

    Please see attached photos
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    How to tell between 8l and 8p coilovers

    Haha very true but a saving of 100 pound and they are still sealed in box would be a good buy if I new for certain they would fit, can't blame me for trying though aye ;)
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    How to tell between 8l and 8p coilovers

    Hmmm, thanks for the help, I'll ask to see if there is a part number on them.
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    How to tell between 8l and 8p coilovers

    Found some coilovers for sale, the advert says they are brand new, believe they are fk. He brought the, for his 2005 a3 but they sent wrong ones and won't give him his money back or something, so I am thinking maybe they sent him 8l ones, how would I tell if these will fit mine, I have a 2003...
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    Quick aum decat question

    Ordered a decat for my aum.. I am going to try the spacer idea before I get my car remapped by badger 5. Anyone brought one before that they would recommend, failing that what is the size I need.. I believe it is a M 18??? Thankyou Tom.
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    vcds results, possible boost leak?

    so i now own vcds and love it, i just read on hear to check the adaptation mixture in block 32, and also hold the revs at 3000 rpm and the air flow should be 10.00g/s, so off i went and had a look at block 32. it let it run for 5 minuets as i think i accidently reset it, the idle one was showing...
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    Did my car just go into limp mode

    Hi people, now I am a little confused, I have now got vcds and did a auto scan. It came up one code which was the passenger door set alarm off haha, no codes to do with engine or anything which I am happy about of course but this doesn't explain my strange moment into limp mode for 20 seconds or...
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    Did my car just go into limp mode

    Just about to order vcds lead now and try and work out what to do haha, when I have fault codes I will let you know, thankyou.
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    Did my car just go into limp mode

    Havnt got vagcom but after yesterday I think I am going to buy it as it is 257 pound delivered apparently, the car does seem fine now though and can't see any pipes split etc, and that is exactly whwhat happened my mate was behind me iI went off then he flew past me in his Clio :( not a good...
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    Did my car just go into limp mode

    So I went to the gym and was in there for about half an hour I came out turned car on ( audi a3 1.8t 2003 aum engine, 120k miles but engine seems in good condition. Anyway, got into car and gauge was already on 90 degrees, I drove for about half a mile or so then went through 2nd gear fairly...
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    audi a3 alternator?

    my alternator is starting to whine.. i was just wondered what alternators would fit? i have a 2003 AUM engine audi a3 1.8t. would a alternator off a 2001 1.8t fit? whats the difference etc? sorry for the "noobish" question?
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    Do s3's have forged conrods as standard?

    I am thinking of buying another a3 and doing a big turbo conversion! However i know if your going above 300bhp to change the conrods, but was just wondering if i did a big turbo conversion on an s3 what would i need to change? And what would be the weekest part of the engine? I would like...
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    boosting problems... still?

    ok i have owned my a3 1.8t 2003 aum for a month now and when under load boosting you can hear it wooshing (bosst leak) went to a garage and it thrown up a code... 17705 - p1297, turbo/throttle valve connector pressure loss. so just had a boost leak test where they pressuriesed the system and no...
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    better to tune an aum 1.8t or buy an s3?

    thanks people very helpful! would you go for a turbo conversion, i would say a k04 but hear there abit out of fashion so to speak now haha? but i would need new rods etc wouldnt i?
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    better to tune an aum 1.8t or buy an s3?

    i have an 2003 facelift aum 1.8t audi a3, it has done 120k miles and had 2 lady owners and is completely standard at the moment. im stuck between 2 choices and was wondering if any one could shine light haha. is it better to save 5 grand and buy and s3 or do you think its better to spend 1 or 2...
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    where can i buy one of these from??

    ok i have an 2003 audi a3 1.8t aum engine. in the picture you can see the y shaped hose, on the right hand side of the y shaped hose, another hose clips onto it which you can also see in the picture and then goes down. i believe this goes under the intake manifold and joins in to some sort of...