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  1. deeman88

    My Build Thread, Standard, Stage1, Stage2, K04 Conversion and Onwards.......

    Catching up with your progress mate and i like what im seeing :) keep it coming safe motoring
  2. deeman88

    The a3/s3 wheel thread!

    Yes thats correct. took my lil bro up there for his uni :) small world
  3. deeman88

    The a3/s3 wheel thread!

    Lol, Its wonky because someone took their big foot and battled with my exhaust i think. i hadnt had time to fix it :)
  4. deeman88

    deeman88's A3 Build Thread

    Hey guys been away for a little while. Will update you on any progress I do in a little while. Right now time is not on my side :( Drive safe
  5. deeman88

    Jay A3 's 1.8T On-Going Build Thread

    Wow, I like the amount of progress I see bro. Hope no more lil issues pop up. Have you got the 25mm anti roll bar kit yet?
  6. deeman88

    Marshall's A3 8L

    Good progress mate, the facelift lights make the car look younger and better really- they are the lights from 2001+ a3's. and you can buy a HID Kit for a brighter, cooler light. Safe Motoring
  7. deeman88

    My a3 will go fast! (build thread)

    good luck mate, wish i was that courageous lol. keep us updated :)
  8. deeman88

    GTI International 2012 Photo's

    Wow, apart from the accident this looks like it was a good event! Will definitely make it next time. Had to be in Leicester for a family event yesterday anyways but no chance of dodging it. Thanks for the pics. Makes me droool lol. #picwhore
  9. deeman88

    Show us your stickers

    Alarm stickers??, i think they deter thief's lol. and id rather not touch them for now, i dont want that sticker ripping in half or disintegrating while in the process haha
  10. deeman88

    Show us your stickers

    For A moment, i was confused. i thought some1 had taken a pic of my car and posted it loool. Love the tidy boot mate
  11. deeman88

    Wrapped black vinyl roof

    Looks good mate and nice work Damo :)
  12. deeman88

    DANIO's A3 -> S3 progress thread

    Wow and congrats mate. the car loooks ace!!
  13. deeman88

    8L's at GTI Inters

    i like this, will definitely confirm after 18 june :)
  14. deeman88

    More noise/ decat

    Basically jus a bit deeper tone on the exhaust. And the only lights i get on my agu is a lil flame at gear changes over 2k revs or bleeping the throttle over 2k :)
  15. deeman88

    The a3/s3 wheel thread!

    heres a recent snap :) before the Wheel refurb, they where this colour.....
  16. deeman88

    Audakas Progress Thread

    A lot of work has gone into it and can't wait to see it back on road properly!!
  17. deeman88

    ACE CAFE 29/05/2012 just a few pictures :)

    I like pictures lol. Great pics by the way
  18. deeman88

    how hard is to fit a universal FMIC....

    Yea take a look at the Fmic threads but id suggest the top intercooler as that is manufactured with the a3 in mind. Pointing you in the right direction Safe motoring
  19. deeman88

    As asked for pics of COV meet at COLLIERS WOOD and AMD Rolling Road (PIC HEAVY)!!!

    Yup I missed a lot :( but thanks Bobby! Pictures make happy lol
  20. deeman88

    pocketdyno'd my a3

    Yea it makes sense to do that I guess. But then it focuses on the driver and how good they are etc. I need to familiarise myself with my vcds. To me its still a foreign language lol. I tried reading up on it and stuff but it was all Greek!