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    how many miles do you get to a tank?/spec

    not sure if there's a thread already, ive always been interested in fuel economy (don't ask me why i drive an s3 1.5-2k a month lol) which is part of the reason i love diesel tuning, so post how many miles you get to a tank and quick spec of your car. 2000 audi s3 apy stage 1 250bhp, 350-380...
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    Anti Roll Bars - Which set up is best??

    this is something i need to decide on what direction i want to go with the s3, track car and chase prawn down :p lol or just a fast road daily
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    A3 Quattro KO4 upgrade, its started

    great project :yes: its going to be a real sleeper, my s3's running 250bhp and surprise's alot of cars, you will need some good tyres and brakes, you on 15's?
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    I'm p****d off with insurance company's

    my insurence has gone up this year from 1400 to 2200!! it is a trade policy but still it takes the ****, all drivers have clean lisenses, no claims ever, 2 years trade ncb and 7 years pncb, its up for renewal on friday so i need to get shopping around!
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    little update

    matt grey has also been talked about lol that new frost range that bmw have out, and with black wheels lol that azure blue is a nice colour :)
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    little update

    i got back from Cyprus this week to find someone has hit my s3 :( not cool , we should be starting to vinyl wrap cars soon so i have decided to use my s3 as a demo for it, im thinking pink or crome/gold? also i fitted my 25mm h&r spacers, i have been meaning to stick them on for a few months...
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    cheers, thats not a bad setup

    cheers, thats not a bad setup
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    Butsys Audi S3 Nogaro Blue

    looks real good sitting on the bentleys, i never liked the ride of my mk4 golf on 19's tho but they still look amazing, how is the ride? i think i will stick with 17's on mine for now ( just go wider), and in my fav colour, if i wasn't so atached to my s3 i would sell her and buy a noggy,i was...
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    Picture time :)

    looks very clean/smart, those wheels suit silver a3's a treat.
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    few pics of my baby

    very nice looking car, remap, d.v valve with change it completely, mines maped and i have had a play with my mates 2009 vxr artic (which has been maped, turbo back etc) both on the road and the 1/4 and theres not much in it, on the 1/4 im abit quicker, the s3's do feel a bit flat stock.
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    vw action @ santapod yesterday

    yeah stock 318i, want to buy it?
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    vw action @ santapod yesterday

    no driftting lol shes too clean
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    vw action @ santapod yesterday

    here is a few pics from the weekend, we didnt take many, there should be a few videos at some point soon too stop for mc d's on the way, s3 sitting next to my pretty e30 the power house lol in epic need of a clean a good mix of cars on the day home made galaxy s 3 gopro lol big...
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    raise your hands....

    :yahoo:il put my hands up for that even tho i want the fastest 1/4 k04 tittle myself lol
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    custom turbo conversion ive just completed

    you would want to be looking at vnt turbos.
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    custom turbo conversion ive just completed

    most of it was hand made some parts are vag, the manifold will bolt straight onto your engine, the inlet pipe is a different size so you will need a pd130/150 egr or delete pipe, i have not done any back to back dyno tests to prove how much you will gain from using the pd manifold but you can...
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    custom turbo conversion ive just completed

    it hasnt been to inters yet, pod once but ran a poor 14.5 as it had been raining all morning it should be good for a sub 14 run
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    custom turbo conversion ive just completed

    yes ugraded injectors are needed, currently running .240s but may need to upgrade again. the pipe work has mostly been custom made buy a local machine shop who has a pipe bender, we give them the specs and they make them for us. inlet manifold is from a pd150 arl engine. yes there are loads...
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    custom turbo conversion ive just completed

    i just thought i share some pics of a turbo conversion i completed today on a 2000 audi a3 110bhp tdi, the car covers 2-3k a month so has to be super reliable, it should be going on the dyno at some point this week to get an Art Of Speed cusom map, it pulls very well and spool up is quicker then...