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    I have a cruise control module and stalk if interested
  2. VagCabby

    Dis wiper stalk

    Ah didn't see it was for an Avant sorry it's for a saloon
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    Dis wiper stalk

    I have a stalk if needed
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    Tried to fit dtuk box today but would not fit

    Where is it plugging into? I have a DTUK tuning box and it looks nothing like this. mine is a CR engine and not a PD so that may be why Mine plugs into the boost sensor on the intercooler and into the injector rail. Is this the plug at the end of the injector loom?
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    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    A4 cabriolet breaking all parts B6 chassis (same as the B7 minus the front end) B7 rear lights and B8 steering wheel
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    A/S4 B6 chassis, for sale / classifieds links

    My A4 Cabriolet Breaking
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    B7 Cab rear light retrofit. (without buying custom looms)

    Photobucket now charges to upload photos. I'll see if I can upload the pictures via the forum for you. Going to be breaking this car in the coming weeks, check out the classifieds for my post if you want any parts.
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    Help Please.. Glow Plug lights flashing and in limp mode!

    What age is the car? If it's a EA189 engine has it had the emissions recall?
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    My 2009 A6 Avant needs a new timing belt, should I save my money and change my car instead

    Change the belt, I got a timing belt kit and water pump for my 2.0tdi 170cr for £150 all in at TPS I do get discount due to where I work but don't think it's that big. Then either replace yourself or get a garage to do it for the labour
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    Alignment not possible??

    Sounds like they are talking rubbish, I'd be checking they haven't rounded off the nut on the track rod then made an excuse to cover it up. Only way it would turn without moving is if it was cross threaded, if it was cross threaded then the car is unsafe to drive and they shouldn't have let it...
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    Aircon issue/radiator fans

    Yup all fuses are good, as said if I pull the fuse the fans kick in at full power! May just replace the fans
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    Aircon issue/radiator fans

    Car doesn't over heat, temp stays at 90 but we had to running for 20mins at when it was at 90 and the fans didn't kick in at all
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    Aircon issue/radiator fans

    Hello my brother's Audi A3 2.0tdi Aircon isn't working. We had it regassed and it still didn't kick in, ECON light was lit still. I replaced the pressure sensor and now the ECON light is out but the Aircon still isn't blowing cold. I have a feeling the fans are at fault, when the car is up to...
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    LED numberplate lights

    They look really smart and obviously keep an OEM appearance. I had the cheap eBay ones on my A4 and yeah they were way to bright!
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    LED numberplate lights

    I'll find out the module version of my car and post it up.
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    LED numberplate lights

    If anyone is interested i picked up some genuine LED numberplate lights for my 2010 A6 C6 land mans. After reading loads post posts nobody confirmed weather the lights would throw and error on a facelift C6, some said they do some said they don't, so i bit the bullet and bought a set No errors...
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    Timing belt Replacement (tensioner stud)

    It will be it's second belt. 135k.
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    Timing belt Replacement (tensioner stud)

    Thanks. I think I'll leave it then and just torque to spec. At least with me doing it myself i know that it's torqued up properly and not under strain. Just so many threads about them snapping after a 2nd or 3rd belt change, although most of these are from people using garages to replace the...
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    Timing belt Replacement (tensioner stud)

    Posted this in the C6 section but got no response I'm going to be replacing my timing belt in the coming weeks on my 2010 A6 C6. Engine is a CAHA common rail 2.0tdi 170. I'm not shy about carrying out my own work on my cars but the amount of posts i read about the tensioner stud snapping after...