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  1. V6_Man

    Has anyone used this seller...

    Hi folks, Going to be ordering front discs for the S4 and came across this seller - they have got a staggering 42k sales and all positive, on eBay which makes them look really good. Before I order the parts, I thought I’ll ask you if anyone has used them before and your experience...
  2. V6_Man

    Suggestions / Opinions on possible purchase 2.0tdi Sline (2007)

    Hi Folks, I have recently moved house and went from 1.2 miles per day commute to almost 70-80/day and now clocking up nearly 400-500 miles per week :wtf:- that includes weekends as well. I am now looking at getting a daily and therefore back in to a B7 and came across one on Auto-traders...
  3. V6_Man

    Body shops around Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area

    Hi folks, Looking for recommendations for a good bodyshops around Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area. This is for the S4, where the front bumper, o/s wing panel need painting as a mother-fo*ker decided to hit and run. Thanks.
  4. V6_Man

    PFL A3 8V Sportback - Rear Suspension Question

    Hi folks, I am about to purchase Eibach Pro kit for my A3 8V (PFL Sportback) and have been asked if I have independent or dependent rear suspension. I have taken a few pics and was wondering if there was another easier way of finding which one I would have. Would appreciate help/suggestions...
  5. V6_Man

    Deal on Michelins

    Came across this earlier today and thought I'll share in case anyone was interested [emoji3]
  6. V6_Man

    Suggestions Needed - Anyone used APS in Brackley

    Hi guys, as the title suggests has anyone of you used APS in Brackley and if so what are your views. Google reviews suggest it is all good however, I thought I'll ask for opinions here before booking in the car with them for Aircon investigation and a possible fix on my B8.5 S4
  7. V6_Man

    Help Please B8.5 S4 - Aircon not blowing cold air [emoji51]

    So, it finally happened yesterday, drove the car after almost 5 weeks, hit the AC button and all it blows is hot air. There is also a grinding sound coming from the front - I can't figure out whether it is coming from behind the glovebox or under the windscreen but the noise is there. Although...
  8. V6_Man

    Anyone else having issues with Tapatalk

    I have been getting barely any notifications via Tapatalk. Just logged in to the website and was surprised to see 175 unread messages [emoji51][emoji849][emoji51]. It also keeps asking me if I'd like to add threads to my 'watch' list / feeds everytime I post something in a thread already added...
  9. V6_Man

    Rolling Road Day - 23/02/2019 Rick @Unicorn Motor Dev

    Dyno Day - Saturday 23rd, February 2019 Location: @Unicorn Motor Dev. Stockport Date - 23/02/2019 Time - 10am Hi folks, Right then, tis time we finally put this discussion to bed, i.e. my tune/tuner is better than yours and whether or not they are all the same Been part of the S4 UK Facebook...
  10. V6_Man

    Audi A3 (1.4tfsi) Stronic Service

    Hi Folks, I am slightly confused so, I thought I'll check it with the most helpful lot first ... I was under the impression that like on A4,5,6 etc the Stronic box on the A3 also needs regular servicing after 38k miles. So, I booked in the car with Oxford Audi today. I just received a call...
  11. V6_Man

    Help Needed! Front Suspension creaking noise

    Folks, I recently bought an A3 8v 1.4 tfsi (2014) and within first couple of days started noticing creaking sound coming from front suspension. It is more on the driver side then on the passenger however, it does come from both sides. You can only hear it at low speeds (between 0-15mph) and...
  12. V6_Man

    Help Please B8.5 S4 - Another brake discs thread but this one is different [emoji12]

    Hey folks, The brake pads light came on this morning and I am now thinking of changing the discs along with the pads as well. I have looked at couple of options and came across the below ones. Planning on using them with EBC Redstuff pads. I was wondering if anyone has used these discs and if...
  13. V6_Man

    Facelift A3 8V Sportback Sport - Suspension Question

    Hi folks, Recently bought my missus an A3 8V in scuba blue. It is a sportback Sport, which comes with sport suspension. The previous owner had the car sit a bit higher and I wanted to lower it just tad bit. With the current gap between the wheels and the arches I am sure I will be fit in all of...
  14. V6_Man

    Part Number - Another Problem - A4 B7 2.0tdi - suggestions required

    Tis has suddenly turned into never ending sorry saga tbh! So, the car had power steering pump replaced two weeks ago. I have been using two different garages for the work on the car. One did the cambelt and the other power steering pump. The guy who did the PS pump after replacing it said that...
  15. V6_Man

    HELP - B7 2.0Tdi - Inlet Manifold

    Hi guys, I had been experiencing slight loss in power recently on my A4 B7 2.0Tdi, booked in the car with the local garage and they said the diaphragm on the intake manifold (or whatever) was broken. How the fock did this happen, I have no clue - pics below FYI: (is this the diaphragm, right?)...
  16. V6_Man

    Suggestions Please - Car detailing near Oxford

    Hi folks, Looking for a good detailing company / individual in or around Oxfordshire area. Would like a stage 2 correction and possibly ceramic coating on the car. I have used or old friend Google and although there are few in or around Oxford I was unable to find any reviews on ASN or...
  17. V6_Man

    S4 B8.5 Full Service Question

    Morning Folks, Happy New Year to you all and hope you'll had a nice break! And I am sure you've already planned what we will be doing next Christmas :) I have tried the search function on the forum as well as my trusted friend Google but couldn't find the answer. I have my car booked in for...
  18. V6_Man

    The Grand Tour - Season 2. Episode 3

    Has anyone watched GT S2, Ep3. The Kia Stinger and they are comparing it with the likes of an S4 [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15]. Time to sell mine then and move to a Kia [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. V6_Man

    Has anyone else noticed a difference recently to their S4s!!!

    I think my S4 has gone a bit bonkers recently. It has got to a point where I am a bit scared now ([emoji47] [emoji46]) to put my foot down anymore. Goes like a bullet, is it to do with the boost season?? A 62 plate C63, a 66 plate M4 and a 12 plate M3 have been recent victims. I need to do...