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  1. Rocksteve69

    Steering Wheel Noise/Oil Usage/Tyres

    Hi all, I have my A4 1.4 Saloon Manual BE in with the dealers due to a few issues. Its 8 months old and has 11k on the clock (90% motorway miles). 1. Passenger side front door postilion bar bolt keeps coming lose - Dealers fixed with new bolts as the threads had gone. 2. Steering wheel noise...
  2. Rocksteve69

    Winter/Ice - Windscreen Wipers

    Hi all, As it starting get colder and ice is now starting to appear has anyone had issues with scrapping ice of the windscreen when having to lift the wipers. The issue I found is I can't lift them without them hitting the bonnet to be able to get to the ice. Do I have to put the bonnet up...
  3. Rocksteve69

    Audi Connect - 3 Months Trail Expired

    Hi all, Been driving my A4 BE for 3 months now and was advised on a few days ago that the Audi Connect trail license had expired. I didnt realise how much I actually used it (google maps, traffic updates on the maps, speech to text). So after confirming that I needed to renew my license on...
  4. Rocksteve69

    A4 B9 Accelerator Pedal

    Hi all, After driving my A4 for over 2 months now and 1200 miles I just noticed an issue or maybe its by design the travel in the accelerator pedal. I've always driven my A4 with respect in terms of hitting the pedal and only pushed the pedal as far as I got some firm resistance and believe it...
  5. Rocksteve69

    Rear Cup Holders Question

    Hi all. While waiting for my A4 BE to be delivered I've been watching multiple youtube review videos (sad I know). In some of the videos I've seen some cool cup holders in the rear arm rest and wondered are these standard. If they are not is it possible to retro for them?