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  1. kayemill

    13 months on

    Dealer said three trims. Standard, carbon and Vorsprung with one maybe coming available slightly later. Also hinted at performance variant later in the cycle. Maybe that’s why they kept the same power level.
  2. kayemill

    13 months on

    I thought we already knew the base prices. £50.900 for sport back and £51,900 for saloon?
  3. kayemill

    13 months on

    I've been hoping for that colour since I seen the spy shots. I fancied a saloon this time but the rest of the family want sportback.
  4. kayemill

    13 months on

    This is mine so far. I don't see an option for privacy glass? Thanks for the help on the translation.
  5. kayemill

    13 months on

    Cheers. Will try.
  6. kayemill

    13 months on

    How do you get it to translate to english.
  7. kayemill

    New RS3 8Y Design Details

    Hi Snake, It’s been a while. Initially I was all for the 8y and willing to order before even trying it. However after hearing the sound and lack of pops and bangs I’m starting to rethink. I still have mine 16 plate and the noise is everything. My twins are driving next year and both of them want...
  8. kayemill

    PFL cold start left exhaust rattle

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but is there a fix for the issue in the second post? I have this exact issue and stops if I apply pressure. I do have extended warranty. Would this be covered?
  9. kayemill

    Do people notice your RS3?

    I’ve had mine for coming on five years and a few months ago when lockdown was briefly lifted I drove into my sons skatepark car park and got a hands on head “oh my god” from a teenager. And when I left I got a funny accent saying “That’s a bit of a beast like” from a guy in his twenty’s.
  10. kayemill

    Weird noise when full locking?

    Not sure if it’s the same from the video but once the temp goes below about 2 deg. You get a weird noise from cold tyres pulling out of driveway on full lock. It’s been discussed before and I think it’s normal. It’s kinda like a judder.
  11. kayemill

    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    Nardo Pre-facelift with APR decals on the arches at Tesco next to Route 74 Truck stop.
  12. kayemill

    Facelift Pirelli Tyre Defects - Response

    I now have an issue exactly the same as the original posted pics. Drivers side tyre blew out on turning into drive on Sunday. Never thought much about it, just a puncture. Once I took the wheel off I see the exact same wear right through to a hole on the inside edge. Rest of tyre is 6mm. Just 5...
  13. kayemill

    Headlight washer system problem

    It’s happened to me before on S3’s. As above they were frozen out.
  14. kayemill

    Facelift Another tire down!

    I done a tyre in a 50mph average camera zone. Reason being I couldn’t move out the way due to cars on my right and the speed limit. Get caught speeding or lose a tire? I’ll take the money hit rather then the points. Bulged and had to be replaced.
  15. kayemill

    Tyre Wall Blister

    Almost the same as mine a few weeks ago. Pretty sure it was a pothole.
  16. kayemill

    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    New nardo grey one on the back of a transporter this morning. Probably heading to Ayr Audi.
  17. kayemill

    RS3 (PFL) vs RS3 (FL)

    Sorry, maybe a bit confusing with my terminology. Yes select dynamic on drive select when you get in. I drive in dynamic 100% of the time in S. Makes no difference if you flick to manual same noise. Depends when you change gear.
  18. kayemill

    RS3 (PFL) vs RS3 (FL)

    Just kick it in to dynamic after startup and that's all you'll ever need, whether in the left over to manual or in auto. Pfl is loud either way not sure about fl.
  19. kayemill

    RS3 (PFL) vs RS3 (FL)

    If you cycle through to dynamic after startup you will automatically be in s on the dis. This is the loudest setting you can get. If you flick the stick back after doing that you will be back in d on the dis. This takes you out of dynamic. There is no flick back to dynamic. Flick back to boring.