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  1. E T Oddie

    A2 2005 A frame Towing Dolly

    Hi Siral I have used what sounds like the same one you had with the chains and have towed A2s with a VW sharan the length of the UK with no issues, not now though. good luck
  2. E T Oddie

    Audi A2 tdi

    Hi Thank you for replying to my ABS issue, I have VCDS 17.1.3 which is not up to date but performs well in all other aspects for the Audi A2 . but does not see 03 abs. The brakes are working fine but one strange thing is that the steering feels vague as if it could wonder when driving...
  3. E T Oddie

    Audi A2 tdi

    Hi All This is my first post , I could do with a pointer in the right direction, it is not the vehicle tracking though. I have an ABS/Traction Control illumination fault on my son's A2, the abs works wonderfully well but I have scanned with VCDS and get no response from 03 ABS yet everything...