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    Golf gti mk6 seats into my A3

    U got the rears as well obviously Do the front seats have the bit at the front that extends out to act as a further leg support. If they were black I’d have em without thinking answer my q’s and give me your best price ideally I’d want black ones
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    Do I need an updated intercooler

    Hi all I have a A3 tdi 140 I’m currently waiting on a hybrid turbo to be built delivered and fitted. My car has had quite a bit of work already I have full militec exhaust K&N filter DPF and EGR delete and it was remapped to 190. My question is after fitting the hybrid will I need afresh map...
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    Golf gti mk6 seats into my A3

    Was looking to put seats out of an s5 into A3 but have read on here that the tears don’t fit. However someone has put nice leather rear seats out of a mark6 gold gti into their A3 Was wondering would the fronts fit aswell as obviously it’s easier to buy a complete set of seats rather than...