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  1. hilly

    Help Please Rear diffuser

    I believe the s4 rear diffuser fits a sline bumper if your wanting oem?
  2. hilly

    Audi badges

    I use dental floss to get behind the badge, pulling side to side until the badge becomes free.
  3. hilly

    Sunvisor clips

    There about £5 from the dealer for the hook part only im sure you have to buy the cover part seperate. Just take it with you they normally keep them in stock
  4. hilly

    3G High 2020 Map Update

    could you send me the link please? (3g plus)
  5. hilly

    My new car has came with the wrong alloy wheels

    Hi im new to the a5 section previously had a b8 s4. So i've just purchased a a5 black edition quattro from a audi main dealer and picked it up thursday night. While washing the car yesterday i noticed it had 20 inch rotor alloys which got me wondering i wasnt aware but the a5 black edition came...
  6. hilly

    Help Please Another B8 Rusting on arches and on roof !

    i got both front archers on my first b8 avant done for free that was a 58 plate. Didnt buy it from audi , it had full service history but not maindealer history. i was never asked about the service history
  7. hilly

    Sunroof owners help

    that is not right. try spraying the runners with lubrication spray and make sure there is no dirt too
  8. hilly

    Sunroof owners help

    mine doesnt light up just been out to check it got me wondering!
  9. hilly

    mud flaps

    I'm looking for some mud flaps for my s4 avant (2011) anybody got any recommendations? Found some oem ones but £80 seems a bit pricey just for mud flaps
  10. hilly

    Coming back

    yeah im not normally that lucky. I prefer the look of the apr carbonio tho.
  11. hilly

    Coming back

    the link didn't work @jdp1962 that is the intake i got couldnt believe when he said the price!
  12. hilly

    audi s4 b8 gearbox and engine map

    just want to say a big thank to @Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. The magic he did on my car was spot on and what a nice person to deal with, thank you rick
  13. hilly

    Coming back

    i got the revo pulley not sure on size,it didn't list the size on the website. Got to say rick did a top job today,really knows his stuff and more than happy with the results. The car now completely different animal.
  14. hilly

    Coming back

    been hiding in the shadows for the last few months. Ive been deciding to go stage 2 or not?? so finally i made my mind up, got the pulley changed today and dropped on a bargain for a revo intake (brand new £250). Tomorrow i'm heading to unicorn motorsport for the engine and gearbox mapping. So...
  15. hilly

    Air Con Issue

    sound let us know how you get on
  16. hilly

    Air Con Issue

    the air con pressure sender switch is a common one. If you run a diagnostics it will show a fault code if its the air con pressure sender. I think there about £60 from audi and take about 5 minutes to fit very easy.
  17. hilly

    Coming back

    A few more pictures
  18. hilly

    Coming back

    I will put some better photo's up soon. I'm really happy the car and the condition it ticked a lot of boxes for me! Not sure if i'm going to keep them wheels but if i do change them it will be only for some genuine rotor wheels! The wheels what @Lavis89 is looking at might take a bit of cleaning...
  19. hilly

    Coming back

  20. hilly

    Coming back

    Nearly didn't go to see because of how bad the photos was but it was completely different when I went to see it. Really looking forward to getting the car! I will need a day to get it up to my standard polish and wax wise!