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  1. RO65ERS

    Audi S3 8V Wheels Thread

    Velvet purple on stock wheels.
  2. RO65ERS

    Exhaust advise!

    Decat it (Keep the sports exhaust cat back) and then get it mapped. Over 700hp and a decent increase in noise!
  3. RO65ERS

    Seat Removal.

    Just make sure you disconnect the harness under the carpet before you pull them out. They’re deceiving with regards to weight!
  4. RO65ERS

    Audi S3 (2015 6 speed) APR Remap

    I’m Plymouth! I’m going to be going to awesome gti to get my clutch and apr map!
  5. RO65ERS

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Its a bold choice, that’s for sure. In a few weeks the rest of the car is going in for full correction (it’s had a hard five years) and coating, I imagine once it’s polished up it should look quite good!
  6. RO65ERS

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Painted the wheels velvet purple! The car is panther black, so has that purple tone on it when it’s in the sun! Although I’m thinking about getting it wrapped purple anyway!
  7. RO65ERS

    Manual clutch issue

    Sounds like your clutch is dragging - the friction plate isn’t released from the fly wheel. sticking slave is most likely the cause! Was the spline shaft greased correctly? The plates could be warped. the upgraded sach kits require their specific slave, Did you fit theirs or an OEM part?
  8. RO65ERS

    Audi S3 (2015 6 speed) APR Remap

    You’re saying 6 speed, so I’m assuming you have a manual. The gearbox map is for the s tronic not manual, how ever you will need to budget for a clutch replacement! awesome gti do the temps and an upgraded clutch for only £1600 - that’s an excellent price imo! you could try the low torque map...
  9. RO65ERS

    I’ve finally moved on!

    The said the same to me, but if they want the sale the offers will always be there. The best part for me in my deal was getting out of my neg eq S3. If anything they were lucky, I was in a very rare good mood because it was my birthday lol.
  10. RO65ERS

    I’ve finally moved on!

    It’s not the sport back version. To me it doesn’t make any difference. I get it’s not to everyone’s taste, but to me it’s actually perfect! I know it’s going to get a lot of mixed attention
  11. RO65ERS

    I’ve finally moved on!

    didn’t even know they had an event on, was just driving past and actually wanted to see an rs6! Then fell in love with this.
  12. RO65ERS

    RSQ3 New RSQ3 owner

    I can have it this week if I want a 69 plate! But for future values it makes total sense to wait until March! But it can not come soon enough!
  13. RO65ERS

    I’ve finally moved on!

    The colour is the selling point to me, I’ve always wanted something in your face!
  14. RO65ERS

    RSQ3 New RSQ3 owner

    thanks! I’m very happy, mostly with the sports exhaust!
  15. RO65ERS

    I’ve finally moved on!

    I haven’t posted in a very long time, and for those who do know me, knows I have a dislike for my s3! I’ve said to my wife for years now that when I’m 30 I’m going to buy a new car, well today is my birthday! I initially went to look for a used rs6! But once I saw this, it was love at first...
  16. RO65ERS

    RSQ3 New RSQ3 owner

    Hi guys! I’ve been saying to my wife for about two years now “when I turn 30, I’m buying a new car” well today, I turned 30! And stayed good to my word! I was actually looking for a used rs6, but the moment I saw the RSQ3, it was love at first sight! I’m having it held back till March 1st...
  17. RO65ERS

    Oh dear lord! RS3 is for Gangsta’s!!

    Getting rid of my s3, to get an rs3 seems like a terrible idea at The moment. Are they really getting that cheap now?
  18. RO65ERS

    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    IM looking for S3 wing mirror covers, or gloss black. i currently have genuine carbon wing mirror covers which i will happily sell to you at a reduced rate for your covers too.
  19. RO65ERS

    My dog needs a pacemaker

    Hi everyone! (straight up, this is a plug for a go fund me page. Whilst I will appreciate any sort of donation I'm asking more of your time and share on social media if you could.) My 7 year old English Bull Terrier has been diagnosed with Heart failure and requires a pacemaker to keep her...
  20. RO65ERS

    S3 8v Servicing

    I've done all my service work myself, with genuine parts. I'm now on 51k with each service according to the schedule. Now that it's up for sale I will carry out the biggie stuff all over again. Remember, so long as you are using / can prove genuine parts are being warrenty / good will...