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  1. mdmay

    OEM big brake upgrade

    Has anyone on here installed b9 RS4/5 discs and calipers to their c7?
  2. mdmay

    oil grade for s4

    all i am going to be doing another oil change on the S4 and was wondering if anyone has tried running a heavier oil than 5w40 to reduce oil heat. The oil temperature on my mmi at 70mph reguarly shows 105 degrees. I was thinking of going for 10w40 Millers CFS Nanodrive Fully Synthetic Competiton...
  3. mdmay

    S4 Engine mounts

    So i have recently been getting a progressively more rough idle and have just logged the car and came away with the following left engine mount solenoid valve (n144) error. Has anyone ever changed a mount on the S4 and if so how much of a pain is it? I have just had the timing chains replaced...
  4. mdmay

    Wheel Arch Vents

    Has anyone inserted any vents into the wheel arch liner on the S4? I was thinking of doing this to allow the air to pass through the charge coolers more efficiently and to remove heat from the engine bay without adding bonnet vents as that is not an option that I would like to take.
  5. mdmay

    Audi S4 DSG temp not reaching 90

    Hi All, I have an issue with my B8 S4 where the temperature gauge does not reach 90 after a prolonged drive. There are no DTC's logged. Does anyone know if there is a second thermostat for DSG cars like there are on MK5 Golf DSG cars as the main thermostat was changed prior to my ownership...