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  1. seventeenapg

    Latest picture of the "Y" RS3

    Guys, Here is the latest pic of both new models. Its not too clear but hope it gives general impression. The rear bumper is just horrible IMHO. It sjust like th eTypr R Honda. Why oh why have big honey comb sections ??
  2. seventeenapg

    Removal of valve deletes

    As I am heading to MRC soon for a stage 1 tune I would like to remove the valve delets that I have fitted and reconnect the OEM terminals to the exhaust. If I do this will it cause a fault code? If so I would leave things as they are and have them removed whilst at MRC.
  3. seventeenapg

    9.5" x19 tyre pressures

    Guys, I have fitted BC Forged wheels with 255/30 tyres all round. What pressures should they be inflated to? Getting conflicting advice from various tyre shops.... Thanks in advance. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  4. seventeenapg

    Standard Airbox Upgrade

    So, this weekend I worked on my standard airbox. I did look at installing one of the many carbon fibre options but they are way too expensive in my humble opinion and not worth the expense. I bought a new BMC panel filter, modded the airbox by removing the warm air inlet at the rear end of the...
  5. seventeenapg

    USB port at front of centre consol

    As I know virtually all markets except us in the UK have been blessed with a USB port in the front of consol as alongside the 12v connector. Does anyone know if our UK wiring loom would contain the lead wires for this do that I could add a USB connector? Thanks in advance. Sent from my...