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  1. gixerson

    3.2 v6 Exhaust sound advise please

    No pops, just a custom back box on mine
  2. gixerson

    A3 Sportback 8PA CJ4 Space Saver Spare Wheels

    Removed my space saver wheel the day i bought the car. Have 2 tins of tyre foam and a decent 12v pump instead. Had 2 punctures over the years and the foam sealed them both enough for me to get to a tyre shop and get it fixed or replaced in one instance. So why not just ditch the spare and buy...
  3. gixerson

    Arm rest S3

    Used a bit of velcro tape on mine, been fine for over a year now. Trick is to use the right amount of velcro, too much and it's difficult to open, too little and it doesn't stay shut when lifted up.
  4. gixerson

    Haunted Xenon headlight

    First off £300 to change a bulb :ohmy: Just done mine and the replacement bulb was £60, took me about 20mins With regards to the fault, first thing i'd do is swap the ballasts over from left to right and see if the fault moves, if it does you know 100% you have a faulty ballast. If the fault...
  5. gixerson

    2005 3.2 V6 haldex oil / filter change

    This is the guide i used DIY Haldex Filter / Fluid Change - VW GTI Forum / VW Rabbit Forum / VW R32 Forum / VW Golf Forum - Did the Haldex and DSG tranny oil and filter change, very very easy
  6. gixerson

    3.2 owners opinions please

    Had my 2004 3.2 for around 18 months now, in that time my average is 24.4mpg Best mpg on a tank so far is 27.9mpg, worst is 18mpg. Good points They're cheap to buy They're subtle looks wise compared to the S3 (might be a minus for folks more flashy) Throttle response (astounding) Noise...
  7. gixerson

    Evans waterless coolant in an S3? Any experiences?

    Can't remember the exact brand, but i have tried waterless cooling liquid and ended up throwing it away. It was a pain to fill as you need to flush out the old coolant and let it dry, The car then ran a fair bit hotter with this stuff Absolute waste of time, money and effort
  8. gixerson

    2008 A3 3.2 Quattro DSG

    You can buy a replacement 3.2 engine for around £1500 these days. Hire a engine hoist, invite a few mates round to help and even if the worst happens you're back on the road for a LOT less than £4000
  9. gixerson

    Thinking of selling my BE A3 for an .:R32

    Not of downshifts. As i said above with a manual i can barrel into a corner, change down from 4th to 2nd while braking, and once the wheel speed is within 2nd gear speed i can heel and toe, lift up the clutch and use the engine braking. By adjusting the bite of the clutch and rev matching via...
  10. gixerson

    Thinking of selling my BE A3 for an .:R32

    As you say Dave each to their own To me nothing beats a good manual gearbox though when it comes to feel and control. With an Auto even in manual mode the ECU is controlling the gear change not you, you can "request" a gear but if the ECU doesn't like the request it won't give you the gear...
  11. gixerson

    Thinking of selling my BE A3 for an .:R32

    Honestly think you're looking at it about right there. Only thing i'd add is, try and get a test drive in a V6 A3 while you're at it. I know you said you like the looks of the R32, but the V6 A3 is essentially the same car but for less money with a better interior. I test drove both and they...
  12. gixerson

    Thinking of selling my BE A3 for an .:R32

    If it was me i'd keep what i had and save my money, but then i wouldn't accept any money from my parents towards a car either. Had my 05 3.2 for just over a year now, really really wasn't much of a fan at first. Coming from a MX5 all A3's just felt dull as dish water, heavy and had absolutely...
  13. gixerson

    Before my first A3 V6 purchase, please!

    Apart from the gearbox i'd rake those all up s normal wear and tear.
  14. gixerson

    Before my first A3 V6 purchase, please!

    Fact is there is a chance you'll get problems with any car. I've seen brand new Mercedes that have spent more time in the garage than on the road and i've seen 20 year old MX5's outputting nearly double their power running without problems for years. There are a few known problems with 3.2 DSG...
  15. gixerson

    Before my first A3 V6 purchase, please!

    Had my 3.2 for just over 1 year now, 10k miles and not a single problem. Carried out a full service just after i bought the car, haldex and gearbox oils and filters changed. Change the oil every 3k, not lost a drop of oil between changes. Really wasn't a fan of the car for the first 6 months...
  16. gixerson

    Advice on tyres. Please.

    Toyo T1-S here. Sidewall is a little softer than the Michelin Pilot sports i replaced, so you do lose a little responsiveness. It's more than made up for by the way the tyre shirks off minor bumps and undulations and the fantastic levels of grip though. Paid 550 euros for 4, they're 225/40...
  17. gixerson

    How much mayo is too much?

    Personally i would not consider any mayo acceptable. If i was buying a car with even a hint of mayo anywhere in the oil system i'd walk away. If i noticed that on my car then i would change the oil straight away and monitor it after that. The mayo is water mixing with the oil, so you have water...
  18. gixerson

    Advice please for A3 3.2 Q sport back suspension (please help new car )

    I'd sit and think about what you want to achieve as i don't think your ideal is attainable. Our 3.2's understeer, not alot you can do about that as having that big lump up front your always going to be fighting against it. Obviously it can be improved, but suspension is only part of the...
  19. gixerson

    Navigation DVD recomended seller?

    I'm looking for a genuine 2012 or 2013 RNS-E Navigation DVD but don't fancy paying the dealer prices. After a fair bit of searching it seems to be a bit hit and miss as to if the seller is selling a copy or original DVD, having tried a few backed up DVD's i've found that the RNS-E does not read...
  20. gixerson

    A3 Black Ed. tyres (R18): 225/40 to 225/45 for comfort?

    Just to reiterate that choosing tyres to soften the ride is like wearing gloves to keep your feet warm. Tyres do flex to maintain contact with the road surface, but the amount tyres deform is extremely little compared to the amount of travel you have on your suspension. Some tyres do have a...