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  1. dubdemand

    Bit strange,any ideas appreciated

    What's the reason for it only becoming noticeable in 3rd gear? I only ask as I have another car with a different problem but that only shows up in 3rd gear (or 4th at triple figures as I discovered the other day lol). OP I think this is just a massive coincidence... our Avant is on 105k and is...
  2. dubdemand

    Cleaning out washer reservoir

    Its a 5l tank for the washers by the way... I only comment as I filled ours from empty the other day and it took just under 5l to completely full - which seems logical as the tank wasn't completely empty. The tank it self doesn't appear to be easily accessible and seems to be towards the back...
  3. dubdemand

    Cheap but effective modification and completed in 10 minutes!

    Im also tempted by this... My concern though is even with the standard jet type the pressure isn't very high and they struggle to give good coverage. Not sure if its a weak pump or if the system is slightly blocked? Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. dubdemand

    2013 black edition avant in misano pearl red

    I've got 15mm rear and had 10mm on the front. Word of warning though - you should use hub-centric spacers to ensure the wheels are correctly aligned. This is fine on 12mm and thicker but 10mm spacers aren't quite thick enough to keep their strength/integrity and this is what happens; I...
  5. dubdemand

    windscreenn steaming up..........condensation

    +1 for the ac... It takes moisture out of the air so makes a big difference to fogging issues!
  6. dubdemand

    Booked in for custom exhaust

    /\ that looks great!!!
  7. dubdemand

    re wheel spacers and ride height

    Assuming you're on et43 currently then 13mm rear and 8mm front is about the limit IMO I have aftermarket rims at et45 and have 15mm rear and 10mm front... so, the above specs would deliver the same fitment as this (effective et30 rear and et35 front): hope that helps?
  8. dubdemand

    difference? s-line and s-line 'executive'

    Mines an exec... Believe DAB, AMI, cruise and phone prep were included in the spec - I didnt know it may have included the Alcantera seats but we have them so could have also been included under the 'executive' extras!
  9. dubdemand

    Audi Drive Select (ADS) 1BL Ride Height

    I can completely relate to your post... I toyed with the idea of springs but as we already have the S Line springs (-30mm) it works out to be a lot of money for negligible difference. keep us posted as to what you find out :)
  10. dubdemand

    Audi Drive Select (ADS) 1BL Ride Height

    Not speaking from experience but my understanding is that the standard 'sport' springs as fitted to the S Line models and ADS suspension both sit 20m lower than SE suspension. Only the optional S Line springs give you -30mm...
  11. dubdemand

    a few recent pics of our Avant

    I'm on an effective ET30 rear and ET35 front and they sit fine if you ask me (although mine may be 10mm lower than yours)... just get them ordered ;)
  12. dubdemand

    a few recent pics of our Avant

    Cheers guys, wheels are 8.5x19 ET45 with 15mm rear and 10mm front spacers... :)
  13. dubdemand

    a few recent pics of our Avant

    Thanks! Ride quality is very good - you learn to avoid big bumps and go very slow over speed humps but generally it soaks up the road surface very well :)
  14. dubdemand

    a few recent pics of our Avant

    took these a couple of weeks ago while the weather was still nice...
  15. dubdemand

    Help with alloy colour please!

    Dark grey on red will look good but you need to have a black grill and window trims to complete the look IMO...
  16. dubdemand

    A4 Allroad rear underbody cut

    I don't think all facelifts have the hole... Isn't it just a simple matter of getting a new valance fitted sans hole? As for the comment about no light in glovebox. Yes it's ****** annoying but it's because you didn't add the interior light package which gives you illuminated glovebox, front...
  17. dubdemand

    Ashtray Conversion

    Can't say its ever bothered me either. I keep a few business cards in mine and use the 12v socket for my tomtom/phone charger. Like others have said - at least it's covered :) What annoys me more is there is no cubby under the headlight switch like I've had in nearly every other car I've owned!
  18. dubdemand

    A4 18" Alloy Wheel bolt covers?

    yes mate, full set of 20 OEM grey with cap puller tool - 18 normal and 4 locking bolt covers. Drop me a PM if you want to take them :)
  19. dubdemand

    A4 18" Alloy Wheel bolt covers?

    Mine are still up for grabs if anyone wants them?
  20. dubdemand

    A4 18" Alloy Wheel bolt covers?

    Sorry mate, I feel that I should give mpc first refusal as its his thread really... hope you dont mind. I payed £15. Happy to do them for that inc postage if you want them? They look as though they will fit your bolts providing they are the OEM 17mm heads. Its a full set of 20 so 16 normal...