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    Which fuse for rear wiper and where do I find it?

    What? It's hardly good if it's wiping on it's own is it? Far better with no electric going to it.
  2. RPB

    Which fuse for rear wiper and where do I find it?

    As per title. I need to pull this fuse until I get it fixed. (Intermittently wiping on it's own now)
  3. RPB

    CEL on - no noticeable performance issues...... but....

    Hey all knowledgable folk out there. Over the last 10 months my 2011 S3 CEL came on and then went off after two days. It has done this twice. Then last week the CEL came on again, having been off for months, and this time it is staying on (not blinking). The car drives ok and I cannot feel any...
  4. RPB

    2011 S3 - what are your tyre pressure preferences?

    Door sticker says 42psi front and 33psi rear for my use but does anyone run lower? I’ve just had some Asymmetric 6’s fitted today so as always, there isn’t a tyre fitter I’ve been to in 12 years that inflates to 42psi in the fronts. Just wondering folks……
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    DSG Tuning

    I have a 2011 S3 and had it done on mine. Back then it was Shark who I took it to. I live in Nottm and the constant change up and change down's on our 30 mph roads was doing my head in. So I had the changes altered so at 30mph it stays in 5th instead of hunting between 5th and 6th all the time...
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    DVD eject button lock - can a reset sort this or is it VCDS code change only?

    Update: my car was in Audi and they reckon they cannot connect to the RNSE to find out the issue. I have an OBD Portector and as far as I'm concerned, if you can get in to see the service indicator then you can get in to see the RNSE, so they are trying to tell me that the OBD Portector is the...
  7. RPB

    Air con re-gas - I was impressed

    I’ve had my S3 for 11 yrs now from new and use it every day regardless. It stops the windows steaming up in winter anyway. I had it re-gassed years ago and must admit I’ve not had it done since. May be worth looking into it now as it must be 5 yrs or so since it was last done.
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    DVD eject button lock - can a reset sort this or is it VCDS code change only?

    Right. So I need to look into getting a local VCDS person to sort me out
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    DVD eject button lock - can a reset sort this or is it VCDS code change only?

    So coded you mean? I don’t know what adaption channel is. Thx.
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    DVD eject button lock - can a reset sort this or is it VCDS code change only?

    As per the title, can the 2011 S3 RNS-E be factory reset to unlock the DVD eject button, or is it VCDS only? I had a call back from Audi and he reckoned it could be done but I know nothing so before I start wasting my time I am asking you clever lot on here. Thanks folks :D
  11. RPB

    Aftermarket TPMS

    Eh? I didn’t know I could! ‍♂️ What do I need to do that?
  12. RPB

    S3 8p Winter tyres

    Why not leave the Cross Climate 2‘s on all the time? It’s not like we get much summer here,
  13. RPB

    Aftermarket TPMS

    Anyone using a good aftermarket TPMS on a 2011 S3?
  14. RPB

    Facelift S3 Rear Tyre Wear

    Hi Harvey, does this recommendation still stand for Spare Deal Tyres? I’ve driven by but never thought of using them. Am after puncture repair or new tyres of course. ***. My life with tyres has been a f’ing pain up my **** over my Subaru and now, my S3. Every puncture I’ve ever had has been to...
  15. RPB

    Options for seeing battery level?

    I’ve got a CTEK sensor on my S3. Although I cannot compare to ‘real’ readings as I have no meter to check it against.
  16. RPB

    When does the cambelt actually need changing in an S3 8P

    There is no mileage attached to the 8P S3 timing belt. They work to 5 years regardless of mileage. My 2nd one is due this year and Audi can kiss my *** if I’m giving them £750 for belt and water pump in a car that’s done less than 28k miles in 5 years with ****** all driven in the last year or...
  17. RPB

    Car Battery suggestions/advice (low usage)

    +1 for the Varta here. I put one in my S3. As for the battery charge thoughts, I hear ya. Over the past year whilst not driving, I fitted a CTEK sensor on my battery to monitor the charge and voltage. Charge % isn’t matching any online charts I’ve seen vs battery voltage (CTEK reports lower than...
  18. RPB


    They changed the grade on my S3 during the time I’ve had it and now use 0W when I would have thought for an older 2011 car, the 5W it was on would be better for it.
  19. RPB

    S3 service plan

    This is a photo of my Excel spreadsheet I keep for my car. See thumbnail or wherever it is, lol. Apart from the cam belt change at 5 years old, brake fluid, etc, they don’t have time limits on the other stuff, only mileage’s.
  20. RPB

    S3 service plan

    Hi Matt - they have changed their wording on the services now. The major does include more, BUT only if they do it! The wording is very clever. It says “if required” so they could change **** all and still charge the extra price. I had a massive argument over this last year when I got a free...