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    Custom dpf replacement pipe

    I have one fitted to my 07 car, company call Turriff Tyres in Turriff Aberdeenshire fitted it. Total price for fitting and remap would be around £700
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    Gogsie's Black Special Edition Avant

    Are they 18 or 19's and whats the original offset?
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    Gogsie's Black Special Edition Avant

    That sits great! Are they the 35mm drop H&R's?. Is there a difference between the B5 & B7 H&R's?
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    Gogsie's Black Special Edition Avant

    The springs I have are eibach E20-15-003-05-22 Sportlines and going by their website the front lowers 45-50mm but when I had the B5 spring cups on it was lower at the front and scrubbed the wings on full lock. Now the front sits a wee bit higher than the back again so I think maybe h&r's with...
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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    You're just round the corner from me. Lovely S4!
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    Gogsie's Black Special Edition Avant

    Sorted out the ride height up front today by refitting the B7 spring cups sits nice and level now. and fitted an RS4 Grill Thanks for looking.
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    Aberdeen Meet

    I could be keen for this if I'm onshore. Any thoughts on Aboyne for meet or the car park at the gliding club just outside Aboyne ace venue if it's sunny and BBQ friendly?. Is the date set yet?
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    Anyone fitted a flat bottom Steering Wheel??

    I've done it to my 07 sline and it's a great and easy mod to do took me less than 30 mins to do.
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    Gogsie's Black Special Edition Avant

    Small update, I was forced to fit the lowering springs due to a snapped rear spring showing up at MOT time, They are Eibach Sportlines which are a tad low and the front is way too low now due to me fitting the B5 spring cups too so i'll be fitting the original cups soon to get it sitting level...
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    Totally worth it, I went the new pipe route as the DPF pipes where very restrictive. I'm also running a Darkside EGR blank pipe. It's transformed the car not just power wise but drivability is vastly improved and I find myself using 6th gear a lot more. DO IT!
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    Best front discs for replacing drilled discs?

    I recently fitted Pagid High Carbon discs and matching pads bought from Eurocar parts and I am very impressed with the difference they made over the standard discs and pads. Good price too.
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    VCDS DPF Soot Level

    Just get the thing ripped out!. I have done this on my A4 and it's the best thing I ever did!
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    Gogsie's Black Special Edition Avant

    So far no smoke at all
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    Gogsie's Black Special Edition Avant

    The wheel is off a TT I believe!. The DPF removal has really made a big difference to the way the car drives now.
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    Gogsie's Black Special Edition Avant

    Never really bothered about a thread for the Wagon but i thought i'd throw one up for ****s and giggles!. I've had it now for over a year and although it had a few issue's to start with its now running sweet and looks like a keeper. Started like this. Then a spot of debadge-ing and some...
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    EGR and DPF removed and mapped - thanks to Steve @ Lion Garage!

    Picking my car up tomorrow after having the same done. How is your car running? Any issues with the DMF & Clutch at all?.
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    2.0TDi Oil Pump / Balancer shaft problems - the definitive guide! Audi VW Skoda SEAT

    I have a 2007 Special Edition with a BRD engine is this problem likely to affect my car folks?. If it is whats the best course of action and can anyone supply part no's etc for the parts i would need to fix the problem?
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    Remove dpf & MOT

    Steve, how do you guys remove the dpf is it a new pipe or just the internals removed and have you had any clutch issues with the extra torque gained when remapped?. What kind of price are you guys fora complete dpf delete and mapping on an 07 A4 170 tdi
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    170 TDi Injector recall

    No problem, I heard it from an ex VAG technician mate of mine. How do you find the de DPF? Any issues with MOT's?.