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  1. chrisred

    Help identifying this noise

    So the dealers want £140 per hour for investigation and the same again for repair, so am looking at £300 before I've even started for a niggle (it's a bit noisy but doesn't seem to be affecting performance currently) I've uploaded another video, note the 3 clicks after the whining noise...
  2. chrisred

    Help identifying this noise

    Thanks for your reply. It seems to happen more once the car is warmed up, is more obvious when decelerating / coming to a standstill and mostly seems to happen when turning off the ignition after using the car for a while. After Googling a bit more I can't find any videos showing the same...
  3. chrisred

    Help identifying this noise

    S3 with just over 40k on, recently had a service + cam belt change but this noise was happening before. A local independent doesn't know what it is, any ideas before I take it to the stealers? It's more...
  4. chrisred

    S3 Cam belt - 5 years / 35k

    Received a text from Audi that 'TIMING IS EVERYTHING' <grin> They say 5 years or 75k, am coming up to 5 years but only have 35k. That's half of what they say mileage wise , and previously I'd never expect to change a cam belt at 35k. Worth doing or not? I probably won't keep the car beyond...
  5. chrisred

    Timing Belt Change for the 3.2?

    Can anyone else chime in on this one regarding the timing chain? I've hit 50k on a 3.2 V6 and the omissions light is on the dash, which after being checked is apparently related to the timing chain? This seems much too early for it to be going but the garage has said it is a little lumpy...
  6. chrisred

    Sd card Which one???

    Sorry to bump this again but I'm struggling, I have a 2gig card and purchased another 4gig card from amazon (4gig transcend 133x) I initially just copied a few mp3s on and these worked, now I have tried to add more RNS-E just won't show anything (sticks on loading) Here is what I have done /...
  7. chrisred

    Road Tax

    Yep mine is a 2004 2008 - £210 2009 - £300 2010 - £430 30% rise each year, at least they have the 'decency' to give us some notice :) Effectively another tenner per month which doesn't sound so bad, although £300-400 over £200 is enough to put off a few people no doubt, myself included!
  8. chrisred

    North west tyres

    Any recommendations for 225/40/18s in the North West - Liverpool / Manchester or somewhere in between? Blackcircles seem to have a good range of yokos for around the £100 mark fitted from Atlas street in St Helens. Had a look in Costco the other day, Michelins pilot sport 2 for £140 incl VAT...
  9. chrisred

    Audi Sat nav plus RNS-E Bose HELP !

    Was wondering about the hiss myself, good to see it's the bose amp. I don't it hear it that often though, mostly due to the roar of the V6
  10. chrisred

    ebay, nikin777 & RNS-E HELP ASAP!!

    Just a quick update on this thread. My unit took a while to get here but the actual product is great and works a treat. The unit has a few marks on the top of the cage which suggests it has been in another car before and aren't totally brand new but the actual screen / buttons etc are...
  11. chrisred

    ebay, nikin777 & RNS-E HELP ASAP!!

    Hi all You'll be glad to know my RNS-E turned up today. Annoying as the removal keys to get the old one weren't included but am glad I got anything based on the recent bad feedback for Nikin. Assuming it all works I'd still say excellent as the price is really good, just need to be patient!
  12. chrisred

    ebay, nikin777 & RNS-E HELP ASAP!!

    Hi J7-AUDIA3 Nikin actually replied the other day after a while. He ignored the question about what day it was sent, said there was no tracking number and has missed some key information of my address (the building name as I had it sent to my work!) Am quite lucky the office is the only one...
  13. chrisred

    ebay, nikin777 & RNS-E HELP ASAP!!

    Yep Geoff it was a UK LLoydsTSB account but with some foreign name. Quite a few others selling RNS-E on fleabay now also from Lithuania and they all take Paypal. I didn't pay the £40 special delivery just the 'normal' £20 one but I was under the impression that was just a time/express thing...
  14. chrisred

    ebay, nikin777 & RNS-E HELP ASAP!!

    Did you get your stuff from Nikin777 in the end? I've paid just after Christmas and still haven't got anything, he replied on ebay saying 'sent' that was it no times, estimate times, tracking numbers etc. He's had 2 negatives in the past week one threatening police action due to faulty goods...
  15. chrisred

    Symphony II » RNS-E sat nav Retrofit

    Thanks Isaac, appreciated
  16. chrisred

    Symphony II » RNS-E sat nav Retrofit

    Great thread so far, finally convinced me to get an RNS-E from fleabay ;) Am going from symphony 2 DIN to RNS-E so assumed it would be a straight swap as removal keys + GPS antenna are sent but it now seems like I need an RNS-E adapter for a 2004 A3. I do have Bose too, have been round in...
  17. chrisred

    RNS-E on the bay for sale

    It seems ultimate velocity have some bad reviews but I've also just came across Autotronics in Leicester. I'd rather spend a little more to get the piece of mind and warranty and they are only 100 miles from me so not too bad They are advertising ones like this...
  18. chrisred

    A3 3.2 vs 8L S3

    Pretty much the same as above word for word. Was looking at the older S3 but I feel it's looking just a little dated now plus when selling it on in 2-3 years time I'm hoping the value will be slightly higher than the S3 (maybe not) Sound of the V6 is spot on too imo
  19. chrisred

    New 3.2 V6 owner

    Hi all Newbie alert first post, picked up an 04 3.2 V6 last week which has brought the smile back to my face which had long gone with my previous Golf GTI 1.8T (which to be fair served me pretty well) It's an S-line DSG and am really pleased after some initial reservations about the auto box...