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  1. sammi

    b8 s4 s tronic revs hunting advice needed

    we have had our b8 s4 a couple of days and have noticed a couple of niggly things and really want confirmation if this is normal or if its a problem! I have noticed that when driving the car on light throttle the revs hunt by about 200-300rpm up and down, I have only noticed it at low revs. I...
  2. sammi

    what discs and pad?

    i need new front and rear discs and pads on the s4. Its a b6 convertible. Can anyone recommend what i should be getting and what to avoid!? Thanks in advance sammi :0)
  3. sammi

    rs4 rear anti roll bar help please

    as advised by lots of you on here i want to order an rs4 rear anti roll bar from audi for our b6 s4 convertible. Its a 54 plate does anyone know the part number and even if one will fit as i have a convertible? im sure its been covered already on here but i cant find any info on the cab. thanks...
  4. sammi

    Wheel Advice Please!!

    Hi All We are looking at putting some new wheels on the S4 Cab and wanted some advice if possible. We have decided the wheels we want are 3SDM 0.01. Due to where we live and the **** quality of the roads out in the sticks we want to stick with 18" wheels. Now they do a straight 8.5J front...
  5. sammi

    help i a cant find my music on my sd card!

    Right, ill try to not make this too long winded! this afternoon i decided to update my playlists on the sd card in the b6 s4. I updated it via i tune my walkman through i tunes, which is the only way i know how to do it leaving my playlists just as they are on my i pod. I have 3 play lists...
  6. sammi

    finally plasti dipped the front grill!

    well after lots of reading about having the grill wrapped, replaced or plasti dipped and having my lovely husband chewing my ear off constantly as he hated the chrome i decided to give the plasti dip a go. I have to say i was really pleased with the finish. There is a nack to painting with it i...
  7. sammi

    Badly adjusted window jets who miss your car and get me wet

    Yep as the title says whilst enjoying the sun with the roof down on our s4, sat in traffic not once but ****** twice i was absolutely soaked by two different idiots in front of me as they attempted to clean their front window with the windscreen washers that totally missed the windscreen and...
  8. sammi

    Bright Blue DTM m3 nr Winchester

    Not sure if it was a member on here but you over took us on the m3 this morning around 10am ish? Car look really lovely :-)
  9. sammi

    South central Local meets just an idea?

    I have just been looking through The local meets section and wondered why there is no south central area? I used to run a jap car forum and we had a south central area with reps for people who live in say Bournemouth, Salisbury , Ringwood, kind of hants / Dorset border as most small local...
  10. sammi

    Boot Lock Issue

    Hi I am sorry if this has been covered before. I have a 2008 A3 TDI 170 and this last week I cannot for the life of me get the open boot picture off the MFD despite the boot actually being shut. Is this a common problem? is there an easy fix? I am not sure if its connected but the past few...
  11. sammi

    S4 Buying Advice

    Hi All I am looking at getting a B5 S4 in a few weeks. I need an avant as I have 3 children. I have to confess I dont know a lot about the cars so wondered if there was anything I should know or look for when buying one. I have seen this one which is probably top of my list at the moment...
  12. sammi

    New S4

    I was in Audi today having some work done on my A3 and they had a top spec brand new S4 in the showroom with a V6 turbo engine.... Loved the look with the new style RS6 wheels on it and the interior was to die for. Absolutely fell in love with it,,, whoever has one I am very jealous..
  13. sammi

    Brake Light Switch

    Hello Can anyone tell me where the brake light switch is located on a 2001 Audi A4 TDI 180 Quattro I am at a garage with a friend and we cant locate it. Many Thanks
  14. sammi

    Audi R8 Crash (sorry if this is a re post) Lucky to both be alive!!!! :sob::sob:
  15. sammi

    Poor MPG on A4 2.5 TDI 180 Quattro

    Hi All In the past few weeks I have noticed that the average mpg of our car has dropped from 39 mpg to between 26 & 29 mpg..... surely there is something wrong. The temp gauge in the car does not work or get up to temperature fully so am guessing I need a temp sender ( This has been like...
  16. sammi

    Hello :)

    have been recomended to this site from another fellow a4 owner :) We have had a look around and it looks like a good forum :) Myself and my partner have a b6 a4 2.5tdi as our family car :0) we also have a new a3 tdi and our toy is a nissan ! here are a couple of pictures Thanks...