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    Finially got my new wheels fitted

    Got the wheels fitted in time for ultimate dubs last weekend, need to play about with the height then should be all done.
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    Finally lowered

    Couple of weekends ago I got down to lowering my car, I know the front needs to go down a touch more but will be setting height when I put my different wheels on. Here is how it sits now
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    Deciding on new wheels....

    Seen a few sets of wheels i like, but one set i think im going to buy have these specs 19x9j, et41 will they be fine on an a3 sportback. All this offset business i have then figured out
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    Which coilovers...??

    Hi all, i have had a quick search on here but thought id ask which coilovers people have gone for and what is the ride like, pictures would also be helpful. Im looking for my A3 sportback
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    8P newbie

    Hi guys, not long had my sportback and already want to add or change things on it. I noticed it has lights in the doors for when they open but mine dont come on, does this have to be done on vagcom? If so what other handy little things can be done on there whilst its plugged in?
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    Joined the 8P side

    Still have my s3 8l and its for sale, but have just bought myself a a3 8p 2.0tdi black edition. Searched for a while but the one i got didnt have satnav. My question is am i able to get any unit to fit and is it a simple plug and play?? Any advice would be great
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    What to look out for

    Hi guys, im going to be having a look at a 2009 a3 sportback 2.0tdi is there anything that i should look out for, common problems, problems on start up, or anything along the lines?
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    Thinking of a change

    Hi guys, currently driving a s3 8l but im thinking of changing to a a3 sportback 2.0 tdi hopefully 170bhp. Are there any main things to look out for when looking at these?
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    Strange knocking noise

    Hi all, this only started yesterday and came from no where. Driving my s3 get to between 40-50mph as soon as i left of the accelerator i hear a knocking noise and the noise slows down as the speed of the car does. Any ideas??
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    Damp passenger footwell...

    As we had a bit of bad weather and when i cleaned my car i have noticed that the passenger footwell has been getting damp. I did have a search for this problem and realised it is more than likely the scuttle panel, today i have been out there, took it all apart, cleaned and put back together...
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    Jap Vs Vag meet in dudley area

    Seen this posted loads about on facebook lately, have a feeling that this will be quite popular. Just giving you guys a heads up
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    Finally got my wheels sorted.

    Managed to get my tyres on the weekend and fitted my new wheels, still need the rear spacers swapping from 5mm to 15mm and that should be it then. Pics are quickly taken on my iphone, need a decent camera.
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    Wheel offset question..

    Im not the best when it comes to working out wheel offset, but im looking at some new wheels for my 2002 s3. Im going for staggered so 8.5j on front and 9.5j on the rear if i get them both with +35 would i have problems of am i safe?
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    Anyone handy with photoshop?

    Would anyone be able to swap the wheels over to either of these other wheels provided, much appreciated
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    Quick question about wheels?

    Im looking to buy some wheels now, got a few in mind, but im just wondering would it make a lot of difference if i was to get 19"? Car is an 2002 s3.
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    My thermostat problem..

    Driving my s3 on motorways and duel carriage ways always seen the temperature sit lower than 90, having a service i had the temp sensor changed, this only solved the problem slightly. But today i changed my thermostat, done a quick junction down the motorway and the temp sat perfect on 90 all...
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    L.E.D sidelights

    Got a set of these as i fancied a change, but would someone be kind enough to tell me the best way to swap them over? May just me been clumsy or just having big hands, but cant for the life of me get my hand in there to swap them over?!
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    Adjustable tie bars.....

    Right, i have been searching for a while now at all the old threads and would like to get people who have fitted them their verdict. When changing have you fitted on the top or bottom? Also i have been reading about kw ones snapping, and thats the ones i have bought??
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    Top mount problem (with pics)

    Hi all, changed my suspension to weitec coilovers on saturday and also changed top mounts for standard ones. Problem i have, opened the bonnet to find this... When the car is jacked up on the front they sit how they should, but as soon as i lower the car back down this is the problem. Do...
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    people running weitec coilovers

    Hi all, just fitted mine on my s3 and was wondering what heights other people have got on the front and rears and pics of how the car has settled. Also which is the best was to adjust the rears as it seems hard to adjust the height? Pics would be gratefull, cheers