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  1. Richard Appleyard

    Loud screeching noise!

    Hi all I’m in need of some help! Last weekend I went out in the car and was driving it on the motorway for approximately 1 hour. About 45 minutes into the drive a loud screeching noise developed from what sound around the front of the car. I put it into neutral whilst moving and it was still...
  2. Richard Appleyard

    Exhaust click!

    Hi all. Just want some advise. My S3 has got a standard exhaust and is making a clicking noise when on/off the accelerator. I've searched for the flap mod and not got the answer I'm looking for. I want to stop it clicking so will attempt to blank the pipe so, in doing this will the valve be...
  3. Richard Appleyard

    Speeding ticket

    Hi all. Just wanting a bit of info. Come home from work tonight and the lovely police force have sent me a letter informing me I have been caught speeding. I've been caught doing 47mph in a 40mph zone. This is the first time I've ever been done in 12 years. My question is this, is there an...
  4. Richard Appleyard

    Detailing help.

    Hi all. I'm after a bit of advise. I've cleaned my car again today using my pre wash etc and doing all the correct steps. I've noticed I have a few tar splats on the bonnet and on the wheel arches so I'm wondering what is the best way to remove them. Thanks.
  5. Richard Appleyard

    Pre wash help!

    Hi all. I'm new to the car detailing world and need a little help. I'm reading into snow foams and there often referred to as a pre wash? Does this mean you apply it, rinse it off then use another product to actually wash your car or do you spray it on then use sponge/mitt to wash the car...
  6. Richard Appleyard

    Which products?

    Hi everyone. I got my new s3 8p yesterday and I ****** love the thing. The previous owner has really looked after it and I want to carry it on. I've never bought any care products as I've always nicked them out of me dads shed. Now I want my own little kit and was wondering what is decent...
  7. Richard Appleyard

    Today is the day!

    Hi everyone. My names Richard and I'm from Sheffield. Today I pick up my 8p s3 and I cannot wait. It's been a long 2 weeks since I test drove and put a deposit on it but due to work commitments I've had to wait. I'm picking it up around 2pm from Darlington so if you see a silver s3 driven by a...
  8. Richard Appleyard

    Hello from Sheffield

    Hi everyone, just thought I'd say hello! Put a deposit down yesterday on my first Audi. It's a s3 8p. I think it has every option going massive bucket seats, nav, flat steering wheel etc.... Cannot wait to get it. Will keep you