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    s3 sold

    sad to say my s3 has now sold, was on pistonheads for 5 days :( glad to see that chunck of cash in my bank !! :) what to buy next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eyebrows:
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    advice please

    so the car is for sale, question is to make it cheaper for a buyer do i swap out buckets and bi-motos reduce the cost of car and recoup cash by selling on separate if so whats a fair price to sell these items. mtm 19" in mint condition with goodyear f1 tyres buckets for a swap and cash ...
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    Blocked thread

    Was just wondering why my last thread, the one about selling my car was blocked when quite clearly this sort of thread is normaly left alone ? I was not advertising my car for sale here just wanting some feedback about the way i have advertised ,priced etc..........................:banghead:
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    s3 on pistonheads

    Audi : AUDI S3 TFSI QUATTRO 07 . MTM UPGRADE comments please .
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    s3 for sale

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    planning to refurb alloys

    Hi , my s3 has a set of polished 19 bi-motos and as i did not change them last winter one of them has a bit of damage , nothing major but as i am thinking about selling the car soon i am going to get them all sorted probably a powder coat , thing is what would look the best on a phantom black ...
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    S3 will be going

    :w00t:javascript:void(0); This little baby will be up for sale soon !!!!!!!!!!!
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    thinking about selling my s3

    Hi i am looking to change my car for a newer model , its an 07 with 36k and in mint condition the question is do i sell private or go to dealers for a trade in ???????????????? what would be the best option ? any opinions please...........
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    tyre purchase

    Hi all, I a,m looking to buy 4 new tyres 235 x 35 x19 anybody know of any deals going ? was looking around on net and cant believe that quick fit were the cheapest for Goodyear F1 £680 for the 4 , still a bit steep tho. thanks.
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    A90 ( wacky races)

    Hi was driving to Aberdeen last night and had the pleasure of three nut jobs , firstly while slowing down for a speed camera this woman swerves on to the inside lane behind me to undertake just a we passed the camera then pulls right in front of me as if to say "come on then S3 " when it was...
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    CAI Advice please

    Hi my S3 is currently running mtm stage 2 remap with milltek non resonated system. I want to change to a performance cai , whats the best way to go, a full induction system or just a new performance panel filter any advice please......
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    Advice-replace audi double din.

    Hi i have been looking around for a replacement for my concert double din unit, not sure about the rnse as i dont fancy the whole ebay thing , i have looked at a pioneer multimedia unit which looks the biz , touch screen, sat-nav, and full i-pod control , its over a grand so any feedback on this...
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    S3 pics.

    hi some pics after a good wash.
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    Free M.O.T happy days

    Just picked my car up from Edinburgh Audi , was a bit worried about the free M.O.T as i thought they would try it on, passed no probs they even gave the car a clean , only charge was £17 for them to make up a set of new number plates for me ..... Result ...............:yes:
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    Wheels ........

    Hi all i am thinking about getting a set of bbs ck,s . so i need to sell a set of original s3 18" alloys and a set of 19 " mtm,s , they are all perfect , i cant have three sets of wheels , how much are they all worth ???????:ninja:
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    new number plates

    Hi are shorter length number plates illegal ? My car is going in for a m.o.t next week and was going to get my new reg plates made up at the same time , as my new reg only has 5 digits i was wanting to get a shorter length plate made up. will my Audi garage do these for me ? the spacing of the...
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    hi any advice on getting pics up ? wont do it for me:sadlike:
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    bbs ch black edition

    hi has anyone got the bbs ch black editions ...... they look sweet, would like to see them on a car ,,,, Any pics ???????????
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    hi to all , want to introduce myself to the site as im very new to all this , getting addicted to following members doing various mods to cars and letting the results be shown , i bought my s3 07 plate in November and it ia an awsome machine and makes me smile every time i jump in for a blast...