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    S3 engine failure ...

    Again , good luck with that. I'm still having trouble with mine 11 weeks into the dispute. I posted some contacts that may be of some use in a previous thread - hope you have more luck
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    Audi UK dispute - where do I stand?

    Good Luck with that Hazelwood. I am about to take one of my local dealerships to court since they seem to have failed to diagnose a problem that I reported to them 3 times whilst under warranty. I then sent it to another dealership after the warranty expired and got them to have a look...
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    Pictures of my damaged engine

    I expected it to be included too but surprise surprise my dealer told me it was extra. if it is then result, if not i suppose its no big deal compared to the cost of the engine.
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    Pictures of my damaged engine

    Excellent news MCD! The other thing you might want to consider replacing is the water pump as these have a tendency to go at 60-80k and for about £25 it seems daft not to. I'll be getting a dealer to do mine along with the cambelt and tensioners when/if mine ever gets resolved. meanwhile -...
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    Pictures of my damaged engine

    Good luck with that, I am currently in dispute with a dealership and Head office as I need a new engine which would appear to be a result of the dealership failing to rectify a fault I sent it in with 3 times. Each of those 3 times it was under warranty. 3 months after the warranty expired...
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    Help Needed People. Having a nighmare.

    Don't want to worry you but mine is in at the moment - had white smoke, only a little bit to start with but the dealer was unable to diagnose a problem. 8 months later (i.e. now) my coolant consumption has suddenly rocketed. Booked it in to be looked at and voila - cracked head, been burning...
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    air con re-gassing...

    as it happens i just got mine done this week - little man came out and did it for 68 quid including VAT - also including adding a dye incase I get any future leaks. When he started the air temp coming out of the vents was 6.9 degs C. at the end it was 3.1 ! mmmmm icey.
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    Cr@p Think Ive been caught speedin big time!

    [ QUOTE ] S3SCX said: do them vans work when it is dark too [/ QUOTE ] was wondering the same thing the other night on my way home. Only a mile or so further up the van. Guess that answers that one then.
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    Released today..... the Ronin special edition DVD Linky
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    It has come to my attention

    Starts at noon til whenever so just turn up whenever you can. Not sure how big the Audi-sport Reading contingent is but there are a whole load from across the forums coming from Reading. Rich - I'm gutted. Any chance you'll be able to weasle out of prior arrangements? It seems there might be...
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    It has come to my attention

    .....that there is a meet this Sunday. For those of you who have been to the Bucks meet, its at the same place - on the green. For those that haven't, come on - last one of the year and it looks set to be a biggie. Sadly the meets there this year have been hampered by inclement weather and...
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    IHI Roller bearing turbo

    Whats the latest then, mate? have you got it back yet or are they making you sweat a while longer?
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    Dont like elephant anymore!

    Rich, I'd watch out for the 10 month bonus accelerator plan anyway. When I was calling other companies for quotes they warned me that not many other companies accept the elephant 10 month bonus accelerator as a proper years NCB. It would seem that just about the only company that does accept...
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    zymol or swiszol?

    Personally I use Swissol. I have tried Zymol and although it's very good Swissol is just as good if not better, and its so much easier to work with. As you have probably experienced, with Zymol you really need to do the car as they suggest - a 2' by 2' area at a time. Leave the HD cleanse or...
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    S3 Boot needed...

    Mine went too a few months back - called out Audi Assist. A very helpful guy came out - managed to get it shut for the night then he arranged to pick up a replacement from the dealer and come to work to replace it for me. Next morning he called to say he had the part and he'd come to fit it...
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    S3 third gear problem

    had exactly the same problem and it would seem it's quite common on A/S3s and golfs. Mentioned it when mine went in for service and they just adjusted one of the gearbox cables - problem solved.
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    LED sidelights

    Not had any mention of my car thinking a bulb had blown using the twin LEDs from PIAA. That said, I can see how it might.
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    Bucks meet - Tuesday 20th July

    yes happy birthday mate! Given the weather and still having to park on the road you didn't miss out on one of the better ones. I think some were put off by the rain and last times parking arrangements.......However, things are looking good for using the green next time and hopefully I'll get...
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    My S3XY (S3 in Norway)

    R88per - very distracting it Who is it though?