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  1. rob v6

    audi a4 for sale

    No idea if i am putting this in the right section but here goes My audi a4 is up for sale if anyone is interested either pm me or give me a ring. 2000 AUDI A4 2.4 SE 5dr Auto Avant
  2. rob v6

    just a little bit pee'd off

    One the way back from the shops this morning and the cambelt on the v6 thought it would give up the ghost. just need to find someone to fix it now before we go to barmouth in 3 weeks
  3. rob v6

    Need some answers regarding my cambelt

    Right need to some advice regarding my cambelt i have checked in my service book and the cambelt was changed at 80k first time it was changed so does that mean i have to get it changed every 80k 60k or 40k. p.s it is a 2.4 v6
  4. rob v6

    radio question

    Just wondering will a symphony 2 with built in 6 cd changer fit in a a4 b5 that has a symphony radio already fitted?
  5. rob v6

    Audi seats?

    Looking at getting some different seats for the audi but will only b5 seats fit or can i put b6 or b7 or even b8 seats in.
  6. rob v6

    Need some help/advice with a cd changer

    I won a cd changer on ebay a few weeks back which turned up today. So when i went out to fir it in my car to my shock i found it had got a 9 pin round male plug on the cd changer and a 13 pin round male plug in the boot where the cd changer sits. But my question is can you get a 13 pin...
  7. rob v6

    Need some pics

    Has anyone got any pics of a b5 with a twin exhaust i am thinking about getting one fitted on mine but was just wondering what it would look like.
  8. rob v6

    Looking for a part number

    I need the part number for the bottom door trim drivers side rear on a w reg avant Can any one help
  9. rob v6

    parts from A8

    Just wondering if there are any parts from a A8 that will fit a A4 b5 as there is one in the scrap yard by me. I know the cruise control stalk fits but is there any thing else from the car.
  10. rob v6

    Sexy striptease

    sorry if it is in the wrong section
  11. rob v6

    Hurt locker

    Has anyone seen this film was going to rent it tonight but do not want to waste my money if it no good
  12. rob v6

    Cruise control?

    I am looking at getting cruise control fitted to the A4 but does any one know if it is possible to do i drive a 2.4 v6 A4 w reg se avant Automatic. If it is possible what would i need and where would the best place be to get the parts ie audi part numbers if you have them thanks rob
  13. rob v6

    Help needed with vag com unit off ebay

    Can somebody point me in the right direction. I am trying to get my vag com to work on my laptop i have installed the software that came with the unit but when i come to the option screen it can not find the usb interface and says the usb interface is not digitally signed to the computer...
  14. rob v6

    Exterior door trim

    evening how is everyone? does any one know if it possible to replace the trim at the bottom of the door (exterior) and how much it is either main dealer or else where or if something else can be fitted ie from a newer sline.
  15. rob v6

    West Midlands, Dubs XMAS Megameet - Coventry 16th December.

    Is there any meets happening in the west midlands area ie birmingham area or have i missed them all? Also is there a area rep for the west midlands or don't we have rep's?
  16. rob v6

    My new alloys

    Finally got my new alloys after waiting nearly 4 weeks for them before after just need to decided what to do next
  17. rob v6

    new style fin aerial fitting

    Does any one know weather or not you can fit the new style fin aerial onto a 2000 a4 b5 and if so what needs changing.:confused:
  18. rob v6

    another newbie from the west midlands

    Hello all my name is Rob i am from dudley in the west midlands. I have only been a audi driver for 3 weeks and i am currently driving a A4 SE Avant auto 2.4 v6 estate It is my first audi i have always had vauxhalls but thought it was about time i changed my car for somthing better