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    Gearbox noise

    Hi guys, i am just wondering if there are any common gearbox issues with the 5 speed box that comes on the agu engine. sorry i dont have any codes. it sounds like something is rubbing / nocking on the end casing? goes away when you dip the clutch mike
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    AGU K04 Upgrade help

    Hi, i have just bought a k04 for my AGU 1.8t, i will be gathering parts to do the conversion. Thing im not too sure about is the injectors and fuel rail. Do i need a TT/S3 fuel rail or is it just the injectors? also what injectors should i buy and where do i buy them from? Thanks Mike
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    AGU Engine Question

    right guys. i bought myself a cheap a3 to take the engine out of and put in my mk1 golf... decided im not going down that route now, im just going to keep it as a daily and spend a bit of money on the engine. however i have had a few companys saying that they cant remap it because its not drive...
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    cruise control

    hi i am looking at buying an a4 and was wondering, do and models come with cruise control, and can it be added on like on a a3 or golf etc. thanks mike
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    heated seats

    hi there, can someone please tel me where the controls are for the heated leather seats? thanks
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    Hi all (S3 coming soon)

    Hello every one, i obviously new to here haha my name is Mike i am currently in the process of sellin my bora to buy an audi s3 in imola yellow:) i have scanned through the a few posts on here and havent found many yellow s3's, if anyone has any nice pics could you please post...