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  1. Jake Fowler

    Retrofit Reverse Camera

    Hi there , can anyone recommend a place that can retro fit parking camera on the new a5 ... an option my car is currently missing
  2. Jake Fowler

    New A5 spoiler

    im after the new spoiler that's on the s5 , I know it's available from Audi directly at a price of £310 primered but I was wondering if anyone knows if there's anywhere else selling them
  3. Jake Fowler

    Rattle Noise

    im having problems with a rattle noise coming from the gear stock column ... Been into Audi 7 times now and there saying there is now issue but friends and family have pointed out they can also hear the rattle even when music is playing ... Has anyone else experienced this issue ... Car is a...
  4. Jake Fowler

    Audi A5 coupe boot spoiler

    anyone recommend a Audi A5 coupe 2015 boot spoiler ... After one for my new coupe
  5. Jake Fowler

    a3 8v 1.6tdi launch control?

    does anyone know if the 1.6tdi 8v comes with launch control as standard? I know with the 8p all you had to do was double dip the clutch and it initiated the launch control … now not having a handbrake I wondered how it happened with the 8v