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  1. R0cket

    Draining the tank. S3

    Is there a way with vcds to make it transfer the “other side” of the tank over? in engine on output tests I activated the fuel pump and drained it down to 1/4 on the gauge but now it’s stopped and I can only assume the passenger side of the tank still has fuel in it. i wanted to drain it...
  2. R0cket

    Anti-lift mounts with the front bushes too

    I have the powerflex anti-lift mounts and the adjustable front bushes to go with them. Any suggestions where I should set the front ones ahead of the alignment? I’d rather do that bit myself than tie up the alignment bay faffing around with it.
  3. R0cket

    Defective modules

    My S3 (2008 pre-FL) has had the battery disconnected for a long time but now it’s nearly ready to go back on the road. I’ve cleared all my fault codes and done basic settings on the things that needed that doing but I still have 2 faults for defective modules. Immobiliser - rom error And...
  4. R0cket

    Power boot not shutting

    2008 avant my power boot hasn’t been closing off the switch for a while and I knew there was corrosion on the switch from a previously leaky wiper so I popped a replacement switch on. Only that hasn’t changed a thing... switch still lights up. Looks like someone has replaced it in the past as...
  5. R0cket

    R0cket's Phantom Black S3 Restoration/Overhaul Thread

    Ok so a little background. I'd had my 2002 mk4 golf PD150 for 5 1/2 years and had been enjoying 185bhp/320 ft/lb for a few years, but wanted more. I also had a 2004 Honda CBR600RR for the sunny days. So I sold the both of them and bought my 2008 S3! After learning as much as I could and looking...
  6. R0cket

    Factory options list

    Is there a list of what could be specced from the factory? From what I've seen around I can list. Feel free to add or correct me: Headed seats (Standard in s3?) Heated rear seats Leather seats (in black, black/white, black/red or black/orange) Bose speakers Black optics pack (headliner and...
  7. R0cket

    Build threads

    what do you lot think of build threads? I like them personally and have one to make and post. Just wondered if others like them too.
  8. R0cket

    Removing rear subframe bushes

    has anyone removed the bushes out of the rear subframe and can point out the technique before I start destroying it with fire etc.
  9. R0cket

    Splitting front S3 brake calliper

    is it ok to split the calliper red/silver for painting?
  10. R0cket

    How much to powerflex?

    i powerflex’d the whole front end on my mk4 golf and it handled really nicely. I see on the rear of the S3 there’s 23 bushes!! How much has anyone else replaced and what’s your feedback on them? I see on a few places you can only get the black ones rather than purple throughout. Also to...
  11. R0cket

    To rebuild or not to rebuild...

    so my (early) 2008 S3 has done 104k and due to not needing it currently it’s sorn and sat on the drive. During this time I decided to take it apart and have a look at the inlet valves. They were pretty coked as expected. It was also 5yrs since the last cambelt so that was due too. To cut a...
  12. R0cket

    Footwell lights on full brightness all the time

    i retro fitted footwell lights a few weeks ago and all works good but the background lighting settings always revert back to max when I turn it off and leave it a day. This means the footwell lights stay on while driving. If I turned them down to minimum they only light up when you open the door...
  13. R0cket

    Diy inlet valve cleaning

    has anyone tackled cleaning the inlet valves themselves either with walnut blasting or another method?
  14. R0cket

    Scammed by another member on here

    So the cut a really long story short I paid for some goods from a member on here on the 6th of June for £150 and paid by bank transfer. He said he’d pallet them up and I gave my work address so I’d have a forklift available and then I could decant them into the avant to take home. We were due...
  15. R0cket

    cam follower replacement question

    I just replaced the cam follower on my S3 Do I need to do anything afterwards? It might be in my head, but it felt slower after I replaced the follower?
  16. R0cket

    Help Please My Carista error code list

    I bought the car in April and aside from a dud B&O amp the rest of the car appeared to all work as it should. I assumed the heated mirrors only worked when the outside temp was low enough until I saw error codes for it. The stereo decided to glitch a couple of weeks ago, but fix itself halfway...