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    For Sale H&R Springs for S3 8V Sportback 28826-2 with drive select.

    H&R Springs for S3 8V Sportback 28826-2 with drive select. I had these on a 2014 Audi S3 8V Sportback with drive select. see pictures for specs. miles done 20,000 have been in storage in the house since I sold the car in 2017. I've only just found them! collection preferred, can arrange...
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    Racingline Mods

    just saw this video on youtube of new mods for the 8Y Racingline Youtube looks great!
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    Anyone know what this is?

    can't find another picture of it anywhere. the thing in the cupholder.
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    Good deals - Buying an S3 - Discounts

    Has anyone had really good PCP deals from anywhere they'd like to share? Looking to purchase a new 8Y S3 Saloon and looking for PCP finance quotes. Sorry if there's another thread, couldn't find one on my searches. Thanks Thom
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    VMR V706 Wheels

    Ok so VMR have some new wheels out. V706. I did a photoshop on my car and i think I've just found my next set of wheels. what do you guys think? Here is the VMR Gallery for the V706
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    S3 Limited Edition

    found this on topspeed for the US Market I thought maybe a bit more tweaks would have made it into the list. Daytona Gray pearl effect paint Black/Magma Red interior 19-inch Performance package: 19 inch S3 specific wheels, 235/35 summer tires and segment exclusive Audi magnetic ride Full LED...
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    Duplicate Music Files On S3 Mmi Plus With Tech Pack

    Ive put a large amount of music onto my 64GB SD card which i use in my 2014 8V S3. Recently i aquired some new music so removed the card to update it. on reinserting the SD card into the car it proceeded to read the card (as per usual) and music started playing straight away (as per usual...
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    Audi S3 8V Wheels Thread

    Just thought this would be a good place to post pics of Audi S3s with different wheels on to help out people wanting advice on what aftermarket wheels to get. Hopefully this will become a sticky. Please feel free to post here with the following info and of course photos! Wheel Make: Wheel...
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    2 Questions - Common Rail and LIQUI MOLY diesel purge injection cleaner

    First, my engine is as follows: Audi 2.5 TDI 163BHP and engine info: Is it a common rail engine? Has anyone used this Product? LIQUI MOLY diesel purge injection cleaner found on ebay Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Diesel Pump part

    Hi, can anyone help me? im looking for the part number of my diesel pump so i can find a possible replacement cost. Please see the pic for engine information. i cant seem to find what im looking for on etka. any help appreciated!
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    Ok so my car has been fixed. BUT

    My car is a 2002 (B6) A4 Avant 2.5 TDI 163 Multitronic (non quattro) August last year coming back from Audi in the Park was not a good day for me. Just 10 mins from home my car came to a stop whilst driving on the motorway. Turns out two pulleys had snapped shredding the cam belt all over...
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    what the hell

    Coming back from birmingham on sunday night, car came to a stop about 10 mins from home. had to tow it home and then to a garage, and then got word to go take a look at the problem. This is what i found. Now, at 80038 miles it is stamped in York Audi service book that the 80000 mile...
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    Audi A4 Headlights.

    Does anyone need or want to replace their old scratched or broken headlights? i have a set for sale, that I bought for my dads car, but he has since traded it in, so now these are no longer needed. (they were a birthday gift and too late to return them) They are NEW and for a Saloon and...
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    BBS Wheels

    Hi, can anyone who has got BBS wheels post pics on them here and state size, and tyre size. Ideally in 19 Inch but it would be interesting to see what people have and what it looks like! Im looking possibly for a change but not sure. I want to see what the different styles look like...
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    It started with....a few weird problems.

    Got some new problems on my A4 Avant. Went to get in the car the other day and unlocked it as usual from the remote. went to get in and the drivers door was locked. so i thought i mustn't have unlocked it, so tried again and the same thing. i put the key in, and unlocked it which it did...
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    Puddle lights and hazard lights fix (on doors)

    I was changing a bulb on the puddle light of my drivers door last year and on removing the bulb i shorted something. both of the lights went off and couldn't get them to come back on. couldnt see anything to check as it was a box of electronics. :banghead::crying: Fast forward 1 year and a...
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    New Battery Required. anyone used this one? Bosch S5

    im after a new battery. mine has died twice last week, confirmed its dying tonight with a Voltage check and test. a Bosch S5 battery was recommended to me and was wondering if anyone has used this, if so, any good? halfords link. where to get one from. heard the bosch range was...
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    Windscreen wipe marks - how to get rid of them.????

    Hi, anyone have the same problem as me? when there is water on the windscreen, after wiping the windows, once the wipers return to their bottom of the windscreen position ie normal position, they leave a mark on the screen right in my field of view. its really annoying. even with...
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    SMK Tuning Roof Spoiler for A4 Avant

    Anyone bought one of these? im considering one and would like to know if anyone bought one. if so, any pics? Thanks
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    S-Line wheels on S4

    Hi, anyone got or seen any pics of an Audi S4 B6 with S-Line wheels, preferably 19 Inch ones.? Preferably an Avant too if possible, but im not picky. wheels are these: thanks Thom