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    Cars back from the bodyshop :) *pics added*

    I know one, used him loads over the years
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    The back end stepped out today and i liked it!!!

    Its pretty easy on a wet/greasy road, if your in 1st or 2nd with the esp off and the boost cuts with at the start to mid corner it will step out nicely. Not as well as my last RX8 but thats just the crappy haldex.
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    Anyone know how to remove the glove box lid/door

    Right all sorted. Was an absolute pig of a job as the only thing you can get in there is a small flat screwdriver, and you cant see what your even levering out plus th fact there put in with adhesive. Was about £40, on a bit of a mission with it atm, got the TT pedals at the same time, and just...
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    Anyone know how to remove the glove box lid/door

    Thanks, they certainly make it easier in the pics, I have managed to get one out, but the other one in the blind hole is impossble to get at
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    Anyone know how to remove the glove box lid/door

    Just got a replacement lid/door from Audi, as mine is scratched to buggery. Removed the whole glove box unit assembly which was easy enough. Getting the door/lid off is a different matter, appears to be on a couple of lugs that dont seem removeable. Anyone done this before?
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    Replacing an aerial grommet?

    Is that the seal on the bottom of the base on this one as I need both as mines really perished, phoned Audi today and they wanted over £40...
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    RS4 seems to have died

    Didnt get a chance to check, but jumped it off mine again and then disconnected but kept it running, and the volt gauge was hovering just under the 12v mark slightly rising when the throttles blipped
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    RS4 seems to have died

    Evening all, this is a post on behalf of my old man. Went to use his B5 today, switched on the ignition lights came on but not enough power to start it (must stress this is a daily driver so hasn't been left). Anyway, wheeled it out the garage and jumped it off my car ran it for 15 mins and...
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    Interior lights flashing and a strange clicking

    I have found the problem, its to do with some micro switches in the door latch. If you look in there is some white tab thing which i just moved up and down with a flat bladed screwdriver and sprayed some WD40 in. Doubt its a permanent fix though
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    Air Con problem on S3 (2000 plate).

    Where is this fuse?
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    Air Con problem on S3 (2000 plate).

    Just read this thread out of curiosity, as my a/c has been **** and was about to get it regased, only to find my fan isnt coming on either. Very reliable these cars seem to be lol
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    Interior lights flashing and a strange clicking

    Bump. Surely this has happened to someone else, its driving me mad
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    Interior lights flashing and a strange clicking

    Seem to have a strange intermittanm fault where I will unlock the car, drive off and have the interior lights flashing and get a strange clicking from the drivers side dash. Following this I will lock it and the alarm will sound after about 30secs. Any ideas? Nothing flagged up when scanned.
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    Door speaker size's?

    Anyone tried Focal speakers, this is the set up I had in mind, as seems good quality and in budget Would...
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    BBS CH Replica's - where doyou guys recommend getting them from?

    Second that, also Jay what size are yours?
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    VAGCOM reading PO118 error

    Got my mate to scan my car as to why the engine management light was on, and came up with PO118 generic engine coolant temp circuit high input. Any idea what this means? Thanks
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    This car really doesn't like me

    Could be nothing, £5 a time buys little to no fuel so I would suggest putting £20 in to see if that makes anything happen on the gauge
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    Head unit removal

    How on gods green earth do you get the cretin out, got an Alpine unit, and just got the wiring adaptor through the post to power up the rear speakers. Ive obviously removed the front panel, now trying to get the little surround plastic piece off but that is being a bitch. I really hate working...
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    Unblocking Iphone 3gs

    Evening all, will be aquiring a brand new iphone 3gs tomorrow, managed to get it fairly cheap, only problem being its on O2 and im on vodafone. As its brand new its likely to have the 3.1.3 software on, how do I go about unlocking it? Many thanks Chris :greyrs4:
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    Bad week for the S3

    Yeah, I really couldnt give two hoots about logging stuff, just want something that will tell me the fault,so I can get the part, then clear the engine light