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    Rocker cover oil leak TDi PPD

    Hi all, So this is beginning to bug the **** out of me. Over the last 4 months my rocker cover has developed an oil leak at the rear left hand side (as you look at it from the front, inline engine). It drips directly onto what I think is either the particulate filter, or the catalytic...
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    Tdi 170 engine woes

    I owe you all a beer should we ever meet! Changed the actuator and it now pulls like a train again! No silly stutter! Pulled the old actuator apart and there was a tear in it. Thanks again!
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    Tdi 170 engine woes

    Silly question, are you getting a vacuum feed to it on idle? I've got nothing.
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    Tdi 170 engine woes

    Guys, I think I may have found my problem! Tried doing a vacuum test on it, by sucking on the pipe, lots of air movement but no movements of the actuator. If I blew then there was full resistance. Does anyone know the part number of the actuator?
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    Tdi 170 engine woes

    Wow! Thanks for the replies guys. I'll look into it! Although I have tested the swirl flap actuator on the inlet manifold and it does work, but I suppose it could have split and should be working better!
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    Tdi 170 engine woes

    Hi all, 2006 Audi A4 2.0 TDi 170 S-Line, 75k miles - Full Audi service history, ecu software up-to-date, not applicable for injector or loom recall. An ongoing issue that seems to be getting slowly worse. The car used to stutter or surge, as in shakes the car for a split second if cruising at...
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    TDi 170 cranks but won't start

    Sorted itself out after cranking solidly for 15 seconds it fired up and ran smoothly again. How odd!
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    TDi 170 cranks but won't start

    Hi all, I have a 56 plate A4 TDi 170, up until this afternoon it used to start up first key turn and run extremely smoothly for a derv. today I got to the car, it opened with the RCL and on trying to start it the engine just cranks and won't fire up. All the lights go out properly, the engine...
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    You've got a BMW trademarked system on your audi?
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    2006 avant brake disc sizes

    Tuffy - i had 312mm discs on mine before the upgrade. The disc bells had vent holes in them. Running 321mm set up with allow calipers and greenstuff pads, MUCH better stopping power now :D
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    Oil Catch Can/Tank?? TDI

    Wouldn't make much difference IMO. I'd just have the EGR mapped out and blank it off.
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    Cold start - blue smoke

    Overfuelling is black smoke. I'd go for your inlets are gunked up or valve stem seals.
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    Clutch adjustment

    my god, you didn't get an answer within 18 hours?! Someone should be shot!
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    Insurance?....just wondering how much you pay.

    30yr old me, 23 yr old missus, Scotland postcode, 9yrs Ncb, all modifications declared, not garaged - £210 :)
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    front S4 Discs and carriers on an A4 Wheel size question

    I've been assured by the seller they were s4 and shown the car they were removed from - reputable seller on eBay too. I need to 100% confirm with audi to make sure they are the right carriers, but they are pretty big and I don't think I'd want to go bigger due to material stresses.
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    S4 B7 345mm front brake carriers

    Its been on here for a while, i think Dave is probably busy. I need someone with an S4 to measure some bits for me. Noticed you're from Telford? I lived in Shifnal for 27 years before moving to Scotland.
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    front S4 Discs and carriers on an A4 Wheel size question

    You'll also find the S4 mounting points on the hub are further out which allows for the 345mm disc. This is the position i'm in, geniune S4 345mm discs, carriers and callipers yet when mounted up will only allow the 321mm disc to be fitted. Nice one audi.
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    When will it end??????

    If there's one thing I've learnt about these cars, is every weekend it needs a good long drive. My car is very low mileage and was owned by a lass in Aberdeen who did short journeys, so i make sure the dpf is fully cleared.
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    More Bhp and Torque

    Lets start with the basics, shall we? What engine is it?
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    A4>>>S4 brake setup

    Tom, I'm doing this conversion on an a4 currently and have either been sold the wrong carriers or the hubs on an S4 give a great mounting pointing to allow for the bigger disc as after fitting mine it will only allow for the 321mm disc to fit under.