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  1. xkieron99x

    For Sale Audi A7 2013 3.0 TDI SE Sportback Multitronic 5dr - High Spec

    Audi A7 2013 3.0 TDI SE Sportback Multitronic 5dr, Ibis White Location: Leicester Price: £10,900 Mileage - 93,849 - will increase by small amounts as it is still in daily uses + Selling due to an upgrade to a newer s7 Listing on behalf of a close friend, This 2013 Ibis White a7 has been...
  2. xkieron99x

    My A3 1.6 FSI Build/ Ownership Log

    Right, Time for a big overdue update almost a year since the last. This update is going to shed a lot of negatives that has happened to the car, but the fact its still running and driving fine today shows i am still looking after it to the best of my ability within reason considering the market...
  3. xkieron99x

    Intermittent rough/low idle

    Before trying that, it might be worth running some redex fuel system cleaner to help remove some despots, I’ve did this on mine and yes it ran better, especially if you use supermarket fuel.
  4. xkieron99x

    Undertray Fail

    Hmm that is strange then, why would somone go to the effort to glue that on the undertay, it’s not like the car suffers from any cooling issues.
  5. xkieron99x

    Air con help

    Found the issue, it was the G65 sensor using the measurement group 2 on vcds it shows the pressures being redictules high and it was the sources of my air con leak. i was stay away from ebay sellers, i brought two of these from ebay sellers and got a short to ground error. Get a genuine vag...
  6. xkieron99x

    Undertray Fail

    So today driving down my local dual carraiegway doing following the flow of traffics i sudden heard a tapping noise, which increased in tempo and noise as i sped up, initally i feard the worses such as ripped tyre or driveshaft issue, pulled over to the hard should soon as possible, to my...
  7. xkieron99x

    Am i expecting too much

    Thats good, just as a friendly reminder, check your tyre pressures. This advise is probably invaild for the folks on here but i've had to remind so many people lately who haven't check their tyre pressures since December. Then they moaning why their car is drinking more fuel than usual.
  8. xkieron99x

    Tail light faulty

    if you have a multimeter is might be worth checking if the plug is supply power to the bulbs (set to volts DC put your hazards on and prob the plug if i can find a pin layout i will update the post) , however from my understanding, having the taillight loom or connector going bad is not common...
  9. xkieron99x

    Am i expecting too much

    Just to put some input in here,@den911 that is the fuel economy, I’m getting out of my 1.6 fsi ! This is what I get with a mix town driving and short dual carriageway. If purely motorway at the low end of legal speeds, i'm getting around 46-49mpg, however at the "high end" i get around 40-45...
  10. xkieron99x

    Exon light stuck on

    @abmat has a very valid point, a loss of pressure is a leak, if you can get hold of vcds check channel 8 (auto hvac) and use the measure block section to monitor the compresser shut off code and to monitor if you have faulty high pressure side valve and See what the system see the pressure as...
  11. xkieron99x

    Air con help

    So for the first time this year I used the air con in my car, no faults indicated on the climate control unit or shown on vcds, so i topped up with refrigerated keeping the pressure between 30-40 psi. After the auxiliary fan kicked in for about 20-30 seconds it turns off and econ mode kicked in...
  12. xkieron99x

    55 plate 1.6 FSI flywheel

    It’s a solid flywheel
  13. xkieron99x

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    I have a 8p2 Honeycomb grill for sale with the number plate mount. Pm for details and to discussing pricing. In the Leicestershire area but i can deliver if near by or meet a member to grab the grill off me. Note: the middle radier bolt hole has cracked and broken this will be repaired before...
  14. xkieron99x


    Also which 1.6 engine do you have and do you have any other driving symptoms such as low fuel economy or rough running when the engine is under load
  15. xkieron99x

    Arrogance even after being convicted

    This guy, is simply an tw**....
  16. xkieron99x

    Aux Inputs in 2006 Audi A3 8p

    beside from the connects 2 plug in bluetooth and aux adapter for the single din, your only other option is single din headunit swap or do a double din conversion.
  17. xkieron99x

    Aux Inputs in 2006 Audi A3 8p

    It would help if you told us what headunit you have, single din concert or double dins. If you’re unsure please upload a picture
  18. xkieron99x

    How to improve the performace on Andorid headunits running 7.1 or 5.1

    After recently buying a used xtrons 7.1 headunit, i wasn't 100% happy with the performance as sometimes it would lag and apps would crash the system, requiring a hard rest. this still presisted after using recovery tool to flash the stock rom, so after a couple of days researching room i choose...
  19. xkieron99x

    My A3 1.6 FSI Build/ Ownership Log

    Update 29/4/2019 (104,600 miles) : mechinally car has been sound since the last update, nothing has been needed. Body works wise, i would refer to this post i made about Hit n Run someone did to me 21/4/2019...
  20. xkieron99x

    Does This Mean Drivers From Birmingham Are Not Very Good?

    Well, to give some insight in january 2018 i had my driving test at Leicester (Cannock Street) and passed first time with 2 minors. however some one in my six form had 7 tries at driving test before he passed. On the 6 failures he always get serious faults. he's since passing he's crashed about...