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  1. Clart

    Looking for a good Volkswagen Forum

    It says my email address is banned? Whats all that about Scotty75?
  2. Clart

    Looking for a good Volkswagen Forum

    Thank you Raiden mate! See you over there! :)
  3. Clart

    Looking for a good Volkswagen Forum

    So I've just gone and bought myself a Mk5 GTi and I'm looking for a good V-Dub forum. My GTi needs a new engine so I have loads of questions that need answers, point me in the right direction guys n gals. :)
  4. Clart

    GTi MK 5 Oil pressure probs

    Just bought a MK 5 GTi absolutely love it! Drove it home on Monday 180 miles no issues, been driving it all week no probs but on Friday it started playing up. After a spirited drive and it warmed up the oil pressure warning light came on and it said STOP. Checked the oil and there is oil in...
  5. Clart

    What is wrong with my S3 transmission?

    Should I change the clutch fluid out then?
  6. Clart

    What is wrong with my S3 transmission?

    No loss of fluid. And yes it's only at high revs that that changing gear becomes difficult. It has a stage 1 remap done by the best, Badger 5 It has 140000 on the clock.
  7. Clart

    What is wrong with my S3 transmission?

    02 plate S3 Drives normally apart from when you push it really hard, when I floor it, the clutch pedal gets stuck and I have to pull it back up, and when driving at a fast pace changing gear is difficult. When driving normally all is fine. This has been happening now for for for about a year...
  8. Clart

    A8 Retro seat fit help

    Anyone??? ._.
  9. Clart

    A8 Retro seat fit help

    So I've got hold of some nice A8 Recaros that I would like to fit in my van, I could really do with some help on the wiring please. I'm not interested in heated or memory, I just want full movement. What colour wires do I need to connect up to make them work? Please help as I've already blown...
  10. Clart

    Clutch problem

    It's back to normal again now! I don't know when the fluid was last changed. >.<
  11. Clart

    S3 8L for sale £14000! On piston heads

    SOLD! When can I collect her? >.<
  12. Clart

    Clutch problem

    02 plate S3, about a month ago after a hard drive the clutch sank to the floor and stuck there for a short time, I thought I would not make it home but it freed itself up and I got home, but it has never felt right since then. So tonight after a hard launch it happened again, it still drives but...
  13. Clart

    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    @Prawn are you going to be at Castle Combe on the 14th for Jap day?
  14. Clart

    Power steering pump compatibility

    How easy/hard are they to change? Mine is getting tired, hard work with no revs but blip the throttle and all is well.
  15. Clart


    Love them Lamborghini wheels >.<
  16. Clart

    Advice on stolen car crash

    Just tell your insurance company and let them deal with it.
  17. Clart

    Private Market Value

    I'll take it off your hands for £20k >.<
  18. Clart

    Pop Quiz.. Guess the cause of this problem

    Some sort of blockage?
  19. Clart

    New addition to the family

    Too cute! >.<