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    Wet Trackday in the TT

    Little vid from last Saturday at Donington Bit more info on the car: - Mk1 TT 225 - Interior mostly stripped, and half cage - Cobra Bucket seats and harnesses - ST XA coil overs - R32 rear ARB - Cookbot front arm bushes - Powertrak haldex insert - THS dogbone Mount - Project silver...
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    B7 RS4 Saloon or Avant with 2 Young Kids?

    Hi Guys Well, it's time to fulfill a long standing desire for a B7 RS4. I'll be selling my B8 2.0T quattro S-line soon, pics on this link. It's a quick and practical car (revo map to ~285bhp), but after owning a B6 S4, I miss having a V8! So then I have to decide between a saloon or avant...
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    Sold the S4 B6 and got myself an A4 B8 2.0T!

    Hi Guys, thought i'd post up some pics of the new motor. I flew from London to Belfast to find a 2.0T s-line quattro at a decent price! Was well worth it! It doesn't sound as good as the old S4, but after the revo remap, it goes almost as well! As well as the remap, the only other things...
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    New member - before and after S4 pics

    Hi All, Just thought i'd say hello and put up some pics of my S4, which i've had for about a month... Before: After: So far: Milltek cat-back LM replica wheels 35% tints (look darker in pics) Painted door trims Possibly H&R springs next... And just for...
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    Speed bumps and lowered suspension!

    Hi, I'm a new member on here...will post some pics of my car soon..2003 S4 B6, just bought 3 weeks ago. I wanted to know how far members on here have been able to lower their S4/A4's without catching the underside of the car on speed-humps (especially the narrow ones you would normally...
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    Turbo Noise

    Hi all, Newbie here, so hope somebody can help. I've recently started gettting some turbo noise on gear change on my '01 1.8T A3. It sounds like the wastegate, though I have never heard this until a couple of weeks ago. There's no loss of power or anything unusual. Anybody any ideas, and is it...