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  1. rubbi

    Kellogg's Back to School spare codes anyone?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone whos got some spare back to school codes from Kellogg's. I would really appreciate it, i am missing two codes and i cant seem to get the Kelloggs pack anymore with the promotional offer, Thanks
  2. rubbi

    interior cleaning- what do people use

    hi guys, I was wondering what do people use to clean the dashboard and side panels of the car? And what leather product so you use for their seats and steering wheel I would be grateful for your helps Thanks
  3. rubbi

    What sealant do use on Titanium Alloys

    hi Guys, Wondering if someone could suggest a good alloys sealant for my diamond cut titanium alloys? I would be grateful if you can shed some light on this Thanks
  4. rubbi


    Hi Guys, So basically i'm selling my pride and joy only because i am getting a new one down the line and currently i don't use this one a lot as i use the train to commute to work. Basically the one and the only owner since i brought it first. It has been kept in mint condition. 2011 61 Plate...
  5. rubbi

    Advice on products

    hi, I’m not new to detailing just confused on what to buy. I’m looking for a The after care like wax and seal. Just wanted to ask what is the best product I should invest in for a white Audi. I want it to to have the wet look factor aswell as protection I would be grateful if you could pin...
  6. rubbi

    driver door speaker don't work with music from the Ipod

    So today I noticed that playing my music through my IPod, the driver door speaker doesn't work but when I play my music on the CD or on the radio, the speaker works fine. I'm so confused. it was working fine a few days ago when I last played music from the IPod. can anyone enlighten me, what's...
  7. rubbi

    Click click away..

    Hi Everyone :arco:, Ive kind of not posted in while thought lets show you guys all a glimpse of my photography (and no I aint no professional..just an amateur lol). I hope you do like them..and theres more on Instagram.. Thanks for looking..
  8. rubbi

    Helpppp...Bluetooth connection problem

    Hi.. I wondered if anyone has come across this..everytime i connect my phone to the bluetooth it keeps disconnecting after 5minutes or so and its really ******* me off.Sometimes its ok,its working fine but sometimes it just does my head when it keeps cutting off and i have to keep connecting it...
  9. rubbi

    Is anyone insured by MORE THAN???

    i was ringing around and that, and MORE THAN is the best quote soo far..but im not so sure if its reliable considering other quotes (from 10 other insurances) ive got has been around the £700 mark - £1900, and More Than is quoting me around £580 :S I really dont know what to do..i really could...
  10. rubbi

    Looking to insure my audi....

    as title says...does anywhere know where i could look?any good insurances out there?where have most of guys done your insurances from and roughly how much would i be looking to be paying a year?.. any advice is more than welcome...
  11. rubbi

    Just had the phone call!!!

    I was eager to tell someone..anyways just had the phone call from Audi..and its car will be here sometime soooon.O man..i can't wait...:jump:
  12. rubbi

    Newbie..but quick question about Symphony and Ipod..

    Hi.. I haven't got my car yet (sometime in oct/nov..61plate) and im new to all this. Just wanted to know what symphony radio would i have on my car?whats the difference between I, II or III? :think: .Im going to get with the front 6cd with bose system.. And another thing, would my Ipod Nano...
  13. rubbi

    Not sure if im posting in the right place..

    but my question is regarding about the insurance. I know when you got a car, and you add a modification you tell your insurance. But suppose if your car has already got the specs fitted added from factory that classed as a modification or not? :S for example...privacy glass, black...
  14. rubbi

    Howdyyyyy People!!..

    Hi..Im Ruby from Walsall.Im a newbie to Audi in total lol.Haven't actually got my car yet..its being manufactured at the moment, so can't wait really. Anways glad to find a forum because im always looking for tips and advice :) .. Well feel free to say hi..