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  1. Tiger-G

    2015 A4 Allroad timing belt cover ??

    Hi, I've just had the timing belt changed on my 2015 A4 Allroad 190ps with a CNHA engine code, and I think it had a timing belt cover on when it went in, but doesn't have one on now ?? Checking the parts database it says it should have one...
  2. Tiger-G

    Water pump change with new timing belt ??

    Hi :sm4:, What are your views on whether to replace the water pump when you get the timing belt done ?? My 2015 A4 Allroad only has 33k miles on the clock and has been well looked after. I've been quoted £525 for a timing belt and water pump change by a reputable indie garage who I trust with...
  3. Tiger-G

    Timing belt change interval ??

    Hi, Does anyone know the mileage and / or age limit on a timing belt for a 2015 A4 Allroad please ?? 5 years rings a bell, but I couldn't find an answer using the search facility. The car has 31K on the clock. Cheers, Graeme.
  4. Tiger-G

    Audi A4 B8 Avant - How to wire a rear dash cam

    Hi :sm4:, As I could find no information in the internet on how to wire a rear dash cam to my Audi A4 Allroad with powered boot, I thought I'd do a "how to" for anyone else doing a search. 1 - Remove the o/s black plastic boot hinge trim that gives access to the boot wiring loom. There are two...
  5. Tiger-G

    B8 Avant / Allroad powered boot hinge wiring / trim

    Hi :sm4:, Hope someone can help me with this one please ?? I'm trying to wire a rear dash cam on my 2015 Allroad, and wondered if anyone could tell me how the OEM wiring runs through the powered boot hinge ?? I can edge the plastic trim off the hinge a bit enough to get the wires through, but...
  6. Tiger-G

    Rear dash cam fitting / wiring ??

    Hi :sm4:, Has anyone fitted a rear dash cam to their B8 Avant / Allroad ?? I'm after some advice as to how to get the wiring from the the inner rear window, through the boot trim, through the boot to main body hinge plastic trim and on to a fuse in the boot. Is their enough room for some extra...
  7. Tiger-G

    Haldex oil change intervals ??

    Hi :sm4: My 2015 Allroad is in for its 4 yearly service tomorrow, and I don't think its ever had the haldex oil changed ?? Anyone know the intervals for a haldex change, and whether there's a filter to be done too ?? Cheers :sm4:
  8. Tiger-G

    Any recommendations for a service in the North East ??

    Hi :sm4:, Can anyone recommend a really good independent AUDI garage to service my 2015 Allroad in the north east please ?? It's on 2 yearly serving, and even though I change the oil every year, it's due it's 4 yearly. I live in Teesside but wouldn't trust Audi Teesside to come anywhere near...
  9. Tiger-G

    How do you get your bike in your car ??

    Hi :sm4:, For those who put their pedal bikes in the car, I was just wondering how you go about doing it while leaving enough room for other stuff like tents, storage boxes, sleeping bags, quilts, pillows, etc ?? I've taken my xxl hybrid out in my Allroad on camping holidays, and when it's in...
  10. Tiger-G

    VCDS to enable 12 volt outlets with ignition off.

    Hi :smiley:, Hope someone can help me with this one please ?? I'm becoming more and more frustrated with my 12 volt sockets going off with the ignition on my 65 reg A4 Allroad. I can't charge my phone, etc. After an unsuccessful try today at wiring them pernant live, I'm going to have to...
  11. Tiger-G

    Remap - does drive select still work ??

    Hi, My mate has given me his Superchip Bluefin unit to get reprogrammed for my 65 plate A4 Allroad, and I just want to check that the different drive select engine modes will still work ?? Common sense says yes, but still would like to know for sure ?? Cheers, Graeme.
  12. Tiger-G

    Which dipstick ??

    Hi, It's oil and filter change time for my 65 plate A4 Allroad 190TDi, and I want an accurate reading when doing it. I read a few posts on here about people getting a "real" dipstick to do this, but having phoned my two local Audi dealers they say there's no part number for it and you have to...
  13. Tiger-G

    Quattro on a two wheel brake tester ??

    Hi, I took my 2015 A4 Allroad for it's first MOT today, and the tester was going to put it on a two wheel rolling road brake tester. As I thought about cogs and drive shafts exploding, I told him that wasn't going to happen, as it's four wheel drive. He asked if it was permanent four wheel...
  14. Tiger-G

    12 volt sockets permanently live ??

    Hi , Is it possible to have your 12 volt sockets permanently live on a 65 reg Allroad ?? I read on the internet you can move a fuse slightly on other Audi models to get a permanent live, but I couldn't find anything on the A4. After yet another camping trip, where I have to sit in the car for...
  15. Tiger-G

    Cool box / fridge info ??

    Hi, After a recent wild camping trip in the summer heatwave, and experiencing liquid butter and chocolate, I wondered if anyone had any experience / info on cool boxes or fridges working off the 12v boot socket ?? Do they work and keep stuff cool enough, do they drain the battery, etc ...
  16. Tiger-G

    How to add way points to sat nav ??

    Hi, I posted this in the A4 forum, but didn't get any replies. Hopefully someone can help me with this one on here ?? My 2015 A4 Allroad is the first car I've had with an embedded sat nav, and I was trying to fathom out (unsuccessfully) how to add waypoints to a route so that I can follow...
  17. Tiger-G

    MMI sat nav - how to add waypoints to a route ??

    Hi, Hope someone can help me with this one ?? My 2015 A4 Allroad is the first car I've had with an embedded sat nav, and I was trying to fathom out unsuccessfully how to add waypoints to a route so that I can follow certain roads that I want to take to a destination, not a road that the sat...
  18. Tiger-G

    Powered boot - will it half close ??

    Hi , Will the powered boot on my 2015 allroad only close so far if I've got something that's too long to fully fit in, or will the motor be damaged, or will it just reopen when it senses it can't fully close ?? I'd rather ask first before trying it . Cheers, Graeme.
  19. Tiger-G

    Will Vag-Com 11.11.3 work on a 2015 A4 Allroad ??

    Hi, I have an old copy of Vag-Com from when I had my 2009 A3, I was wondering if it would work on my 65reg A4 Allroad ?? It is the 11.11.3 version and I bought it off fleabay, so you can't upgrade it. Cheers, Graeme.
  20. Tiger-G

    Anyone caught out by "the beast from the east" ??

    Hi , I got caught out this morning trying to get through about a foot of snow on a rural single track lane about 40 metres from my house. So much for an all singing, all dancing 2015 A4 Allroad !! . Had to dig it out, reverse it back back home and walk to work. Fortunately, I managed to get a...