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    Got money to spend. Need a new look

    Hiya I won't bore you with everything I've played around with on my car . I now want a fresh new look on the outside of my car . Need some ideas and links so I can start making purchases. I will post some pics of my car so you see what I currently have. Im looking to change the look of it...
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    New to detailing

    Hiya. New to having a machine polisher and was wondering if people could give me a quick guide to what product to use . I have the dodo juice big daddy machine. Ive never used dodo juice products and only ever just washed and waxed my car. I can here you all gasping lol so any advice or products...
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    Rear bumper change. Ideas

    Hiya I'm wanting to change my rear bumper. Make it a little lower . I've looked around and seen different defuser's and whole new bumpers I was wondering what my options would be such as just changing the bottom bit. My car is a audi a3 2005 but the person before me had changed parts over so I...
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    Service- do I change the fuel filter

    Hiya. I've had my audi a3 a few years now and also got my guy to do the servicing on it and never had any problems. This time round I got my parts from audi to get ready to service it again and was warned by many of the audi team not to change my fuel filter coz of some reason or another. I...
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    Audi a5 cab with no handsfree

    Hiya just got an audi but found out it has no handsfree kit installed.. was wondering what my options would be. I'm hearing fiscon may be an option but don't know a good dealer to get it from also I have VAG com and was hoping I could plug and play myself and do the coding. Is this possible ...
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    Cruise control a3 8p wiring

    Hiya I purchased this cruise control stalk but was wondering what wiring harness I would need for my 2005 a3. Also anything Eles I may need and where to purchase these items from. Thank you in advance.
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    Cruise control wiring

    Hiya just brought the cruise control stalk for my audi a3 8p what wiring loom would I need to get or is it just plug and play after using vag com. Thanks again.
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    Audi a3 2.0tfsi (K04 turbo) gearbox/shift selector problems

    Been having trouble with my shift selectors mainly reverse 1st and 2nd. Really tiff to put into gear and sometimes won't go into reverse. Its the same hot or cold really doesn't make a difference. I've changed the gearbox oil and everything. Didn't make a difference. Any ideas where to look or...
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    Need help with xtrons head unit.

    Hiya I have a audi a3 2005 have also a xtrons 7" double din head unit. I'm been trying to get everything working on this head unit but I seem to be going around in circles. Once it's wired up I can't get the radio to work or pick up a signal without me touching parts of the wire at the back. I...
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    Need advice with head units for a upgrade

    I have a audi a3 2005 and wanted to upgrade my head unit. Haven't brought a head unit in a while and don't know what's good. I'd love to have the zenec but really can't afford near £700. Mainly need cd player, play music off my phone which is android. Would love to be able to see what my car is...
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    in need of a new head unit.

    Can anyone suggest a head unit that will fit my Audi A3 2005. I like the thought of the head unit blending in with the dash but it's not important. Don't want to spend through the roof for one. Main features I need is CD player, bluetooth to be able to play my music off my android phone and...
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    Neon Lighting

    I'm after some car logo projectors and also under bonnet neons Also under footwell neons. I've been looking into a company called GTI lighting but my knowledge is very limited in this area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Players Show - Who's Going.

    PLAYERS SHOW - NORTH WEALD WHEN: 21ST SEPTEMBER 2014 WHERE: NORTH WEALD AIRFIELD, ESSEX TICKETS Show and Shine passes now availableApplications for entrance to the Show and Shine to be sent toshowcars@players-show.combefore purchase. On approval a link will be sent to you to enable purchase of...
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    Insurance Help On My Audi A3 Stage Two With Revo Uogrades

    Heya does anyone know a good insurance company that will give a good price on my new car. I've been driving for over 7 years, live in Essex, no crashes and clean licence. I will post a pic of some of my upgrades. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Also car will be kept on driveway or maybe...