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    How much do you guys reckon my car is worth?

    Evening all! As the title says, wondering how much my car will be worth in both private and trade in sales. It's a silver 2003 Audi A4 1.9TDI 130 Sport Quattro with 132k miles on it - manual 6 speed. Since owning it the car has had a new clutch and DMF, full service, new battery, new brake...
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    iPad mini installed into dash of car

    Stumbled across this today, FIRST EVER IPAD MINI INSTALLED INTO DASHBOARD OF A CAR - YouTube Anyone seen anything like this before?
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    My Silver 2003 A4 1.9 130

    I have been a member for a while now and have posted numerous threads about my car, but thought I will create one thread to keep things easier ;) Firstly, my name is AJ and I am from Medway, Kent area. Been driving small (and troublesome) cars until I got my A4. List mainly includes Peugeot...
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    What is the difference?

    Hi all, Quick question - what is the difference between these 2 Audi alloys? 4F0601025AF and 8E0601025E? Thanks!
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    Radio resets every now and then

    Hi all, I've been quiet for a while, which can only mean the car has been going well :) I have noticed that the radio seems to reset every now and then. It sounds like when you unplug the power and plug it back in. Never asks for the code though. Any ideas? I have checked the obvious loose...
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    Front passenger side brake seized

    Hi all, I have an annoying issue more than anything but want it sorted. Since buying the car I have had a noise on the front passenger side brake. Like the pad is catching on the disk as it rotates round. Spoke to a mate of mine last night who remembers something about an ABS issue where it...
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    Are these discs ok?

    Hi all, Are these front brake disc's ok? Not really sure on all the differences in prices? Eicher Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer
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    Dropped drivers and passenger side doors

    Thought I had posted about this but can't find it. Both the drivers and passenger side doors have dropped. Drivers side is worse, catches on the wing and have removed paint etc so want to get this sorted ASAP. I have seen numerous posts on this, but not sure on how to fix it - is there a guide...
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    High revs

    Hi all, Over the weekend when I started the car, the revs went up to around 1500 for about 2 seconds then went down to under 1k revs where it normally is. Have been off sick most of this week so not used my car, but when using it this morning I was driving along and when taking my foot off the...
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    IP Power by PSI Motorsport tuning box

    Anyone got a manual for this IP Power by PSI Motorsport by any chance? Also what cars would this actually work on? Model is IPVWGEN - so does this work on all PD engines or just particular models? Not sure if I want to use this yet, my car has been mapped but not really happy with it - so...
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    RNS-e Models

    Hi all, Just a quick question - does the A3's, A4's and A6's use the same RNS-e models? Seems to be a lot on eBay that says it's from an A6 but not so many saying A4. Thanks!
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    How to check rear diff oil level

    Hello boys and girls, Noticed one side of the rear diff is leaking oil - not massive amounts but as I only got the car recently I don't know how long it's been going on for. How do I check the oil level for this? Also how difficult is it to replace seals, etc? Thanks!
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    1.9 130 Sport quattro road tax?

    Hi all, Got my tax reminder through yesterday and it's showing as £195 for the 12 months or 107.25 for 6 months. I was under the impression it would be £170 for 12 months or £93.50 for 6 months as the car was registered on the 29/04/03? Thought the higher bracket was for cars registered after...
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    Erm.. Help

    Hi all, Could someone please advise me how to put my coin holder back together :P It wouldn't open so I took the radio out, as well as the trim above the coin tray to be able to get the caddy out. Was following some instructions but couldn't see the 2 black springs which it was talking about...
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    What a day!

    Hi all, Who knew servicing a car could be so much "fun"! Lol.. Bought all the service parts about 2 weeks ago, thought I'll do it all as the weather is nice. First issue, seem to have a leak on one of the seals around the EGR area.. Have disconnected the cable going to the EGR and stuck a...
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    Random question

    Hello boys and girls, Just after some (more) advice really. I am looking to get one of these in car camera's that records what happens in front of the car. From previous experience the charger/power cable isn't long enough to do a proper job on it so the wire just hangs down, it takes up the...
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    Glove box hinge bracket

    Hi all, Been looking at DIY glove box fixes and although there are many good guides I see most of the guys in the US use a steel bracket (Audi B6 S4/A4 DIY: Glove Box Hinge Repair) Has anyone on here made these at all, or know of where I can buy a set? I haven't got the facility or time (but...
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    Changing the dual mass flywheel to single mass flywheel?

    Hi all, Been offered a single mass flywheel conversion when I get my clutch done - as I understand it the dmf is dual to minimise vibration. What vibration? engine, through the steering, gear stick? How bad will it be if it's a smf, what should I be expecting? Obviously it's a lot cheaper...
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    Can anyone help me identify this Dension adapter?

    Hi all, Got this iPod/iPhone adapter today but not sure for what car it is - I have looked online but I can't find anything to say what it's for. Was wondering if anyone on here knows? On the actual unit it says: Gateway 100 - Audi Dual CAN HW: V8R5-11 e24281450 and on the cable it says...
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    New uprated clutch + DMF

    Hi all, Me again - as I have stated in previous posts my clutch is slipping currently, and I also have a vibration which is only there when the car is hot, as I understand it could either be timing which needs to be adjusted which I am getting checked out this weekend but the other (more...