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  1. matt_cunningham1985

    A3 e-tron: Black headliner code + price (UK)

    Hi all, I'm just about to order my new company car and, rather than going for an A4 S line Avant, I've decided to go for an A3 e-tron as the monthly company car tax is substantially less! We can add on optional extras but I can't find the Audi code (3 character code) or the ex.VAT price for...
  2. matt_cunningham1985

    A3 8P TDI - S3 Replica Offset & Lowering

    Hi everyone, Apologies, I'm a newbie and couldn't find a threat I thought this query should go in - please move it if one already exists! I bought a 2006 A3 TDI Sport 2.5 years ago and bought replica S3 alloys at the same time on eBay after the seller confirming they'd fit perfectly. When I...