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    Gets built this week.

    Mine completed its build last Friday, was on the boat by Tuesday and at the dealers yesterday (Friday). So in all, 1 week from completion of build to dealer!
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    Car turned up at the dealers today Looking around it at the nice new paintwork I started to think about mudflaps... From the point of view of looks, I can't say I 'm a great fan of mudflaps although from what I can tell, the Audi items look quite small. Has anyone got them fitted? If so...
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    2.0 TDI Sportback ordered.......Now the wait!

    [ QUOTE ] Rang up the dealer today and he informed me that they dont ring customers to keep them informed of the build week etc. I was a little disappointed to say the least! [/ QUOTE ] Sounds strange....... I ordered mine 20/11/04. Dealer called me late December to advise that mine was week...
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    OK, so my dealer calls me yesterday to say that my long awaited 2.0TDI Sport, DSG is at "checkpoint 5" Anyone know what this means? How many checkpoints are there? Thanks..
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    S Line handling

    I tried both the S-Line and the Sport and ended up ordering the Sport. The S-Line had a harsher, sometimes jittery ride and 'harsh ride' doesn't mean better handling...!! The A3's handling is 'average' at best, so looking for ten tenths is kinda pointless. If you want a little more real world...
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    New Sportback - Help with Choices etc.

    Also worth trying Motorlogix (another internet broker). A friend of mine has just bought an A3 through them and they were excellent, but more to the point they were able to improve on their quoted discount price. The lesson here is that the brokers will also negotiate a better discount if you...
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    Yes, it's the 3 door I've ordered. I did look at an S-line and took one out for a test drive and to be honest, I found it a little too hard and jittery. I don't know if it differs from the ordinary sport in any way other than the 18" wheels, but it didn't feel as good on the road as the sport...
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    Just saying hello! I'm new to this Audi thing, having just sold my 2002 M3 Coupe to get something a little more practical... Always liked Audi's so I've ordered an A3 2.0TDI. Bit of a change from the M3, but having done the test drive business I was really amazed by the 2.0TDI, so there we...